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This workout is a pre-choreographed, Pilates based, full body workout set to music. Our BARRE class is a high intensity workout that will increase strength, especially in the core & legs; & increases range of motion, & flexibility. BARRE class is free with a Genesis membership. No sign up is required.

Body Flow

This is a yoga-based class that will improve your mind, your body & your life.  For 55 minutes, an inspired soundtrack plays as you bend & stretch through a series of simple yoga moves & embrace elements of Tai Chi and Pilates. Breathing control is a part of all the exercises, & instructors will always provide options for those just getting started.   You’ll strengthen your entire body and leave the class feeling calm and centered & happy.


Redefine yourself with Group Centergy. Grow longer & stronger as you explore this 60 minute journey of yoga & Pilates movements. Positive uplifting music, group dynamics & supportive instructors will enable you to center your energy, reduce stress & even smile. Discover Group Centergy!


Beginners to athletes will benefit from the use of Pilates rings in this floor based class.  Non-impact, core strengthening for every level.  Pilates rings, weightless balls & straps intensify each exercise.  Whole body movements incorporate several muscle groups at the same time to increase flexibility, lengthening, strength & balance.  Class ends with guided relaxation.

Pilates Core Roller

Improve your core strength, flexibility, balance & coordination with the foam roller.  This is a Pilates based workout that will shape & tone all muscle groups improving your balance for sports or everyday exercises.  The foam roller helps stretch the muscles, release tension, & relieve painful "trigger point" areas.   

Pilates Express

Got just a few minutes? Pilates Express has invigorating music and non-stop sequencing to get the job done in 30 minutes! Use of props (Bands, circles, hand weights, etc) and your own body resistance keeps the moves fresh for the body and mind.

Pilates Matwork

This multi level class will strengthen, tone and improve posture as well as increase flexibility, balance and coordination. Challenge your core strength and flatten your abdomen with whole body movement that will change the way you feel and move! 

Pilates Matwork II

This class includes beginning & intermediate mat exercises, with an emphasis on rhythm & flow.  Focus is on the whole body while improving your posture & challenging your core.


Our traditional PiYo class blending Pilates & yoga modified to a beginner level.  You will be working on strength & flexibility while being showed modifications along the way.

PiYo Strength

This class combines the muscle sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength & flexibility of flowing yoga movements.  Improve your balance & core power with an intense, low-impact workout that will burn calories & sculpt every inch of your body for a long, lean, beautiful physique.

Yoga & Pilates

A mat based overall conditioning class that will develop core & back strength, increase flexibility, coordination & balance.  For the body to be strong the core must be stable.  Emphasis is placed on all the Pilates principles including proper alignment & breathing.  Yoga can improve blood circulation & boost physical strength & stamina.