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G30 Boot Camp

Our G30 Boot Camp is designed for new members and is free with membership. Each club hosts a kickoff that consists of explanation of the program, introduces you to the trainers and gets you started! The boot camp workouts are held three times a week and members can participate in any G30 boot camp program.


  • 3 Boot Camp Sessions per Week
  • Nutritional Seminar
  • Finisher: T-Shirt + 50 GPerks Points
  • Redeeming 30 Day Pass: 100 GPerk Points
  • Door Prizes: Given at Finale / MAD
  • Location Winner: $500 Personal Training Package




Click HERE for a list of locations, dates and times

Bring a Friend for FREE - West Central

Bring a friend to tennis for FREE in our Junior Program from today until December 20th!

Kids can bring a friend as many times as they want, but it must be a different friend each time.

MAD - Member Appreciation Day

  • Tuesday, September 30 2014 8:00 AM

Join us from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. for snacks, drinks, shake samples, games and prizes.



Bring a guest with you and you will draw from our wild card drawing. If your guest joins, you draw twice from the wild card drawing!!

Wild Card Drawing Prizes:
- 6 Months Unlimited Guest Pass ($90 Value)
- LIFETIME Unlimited Guest Pass (Priceless)
- 6 Months Level 1 Tanning ($114 Value)
- 2 Months Level 2 Tanning ($79 Value)
- 3 Months Free Nursery ($75 Value)
- Personal Training Packages
- G60 Bootcamp ($199 Value)
- 3 Private Tennis Lessons ($155 Value)

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