Balance Barre

Condition and develop the body of a dancer without going to the dance studio! This creative Pilates workout uses the ballet Barre and bands to offer a total body sculpt. This class is held in our 3rd floor studio. Ask the front desk for directions. Please come early as space is limited!

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Bodies in Balance

Designed to improve balance, flexibility, posture and relaxation by incorporating Yoga, Pilates and sports stretch movements.

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Group Centergy

Redefine yourself with Group Centergy. Grow longer & stronger as you explore this 60 minute journey of yoga & Pilates movements. Positive uplifting music, group dynamics & supportive instructors will enable you to center your energy, reduce stress & even smile. Discover Group Centergy!

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Pilates Core Roller [Foam rollers provided]

Improve your core strength, flexibility, balance & coordination with the foam roller.  This is a Pilates based workout that will shape & tone all muscle groups improving your balance for sports or everyday exercises.  The foam roller helps stretch the muscles, release tension, & relieve painful "trigger point" areas.   

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Pilates Express

Got just a few minutes? Pilates Express has invigorating music and non-stop sequencing to get the job done in 30 minutes! Use of props (Bands, circles, hand weights, etc) and your own body resistance keeps the moves fresh for the body and mind. View Schedule

Pilates Matwork

This multi level class will strengthen, tone and improve posture as well as increase flexibility, balance and coordination. Challenge your core strength and flatten your abdomen with whole body movement that will change the way you feel and move! View Schedule

Pilates Matwork II

This class includes beginning & intermediate mat exercises, with an emphasis on rhythm & flow.  Focus is on the whole body while improving your posture & challenging your core.

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Pilates Rhythms

This workout will keep you standing tall! Strengthen and tone your legs and glutes while challenging your balance. The flexbands are used to shape the upper body as well as to push the abs to work the entire class.

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Beth Banks

Pilates Instructor


Beth Banks began sharing with others her passion for health and fitness 30 years ago.  She has enjoyed being a yoga, Pilates and group fitness instructor; and a certified personal trainer.  Beth is also a certified Centergy and Group Power instructor through Body Training Systems.

Beth became a certified yoga teacher in 1999.  She is blessed to have local yoga enthusiast and educator Renée DeTar as her primary teacher and mentor.  She earned her RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance in 2005.

Beth began practicing yoga for the stretching and injury prevention aspect and soon discovered the mind/body/spirit element of yoga to be a holistic and healing approach to living life.  She looks forward to sharing the many healthy benefits of yoga: greater flexibility, strength, endurance and improved posture with others, along with the calming and stress relieving benefits that can be experienced through yoga.  Beth is available at our Rock Road and East Central locations for one-on-one privates.

Galina Faulconer

Pilates Instructor


Demetra Gentry

Pilates Instructor


Kelli Harsh

Pilates Director


Kelli Harsh comes from a background of dance.  Her passion for dance influenced her career in health and fitness beginning in the mid 80's.  Kelli continued her career in the industry becoming the Director of Group Fitness where she taught the many different styles of classes and also began personal training.

Kelli has been teaching Pilates now for 11 years. She teaches mat classes as well as our new "Balance Barre" class.  She spend most of her time training one on one in our fully equipped Pilates studio.  Helping people move better and become healthier is her passion and she believes Pilates exercise provides the most of what everyone needs to reach their health and fitness goals.

MariAnn Herren

Pilates Instructor


Joe Molina

Pilates Mat Class Instructor


Amie Neal

Pilates Instructor