The BARRE workout at Genesis will SHAPE and TONE your whole body!  The BARRE workout is one of the hottest classes that have swept the nation.  It’s a fun full body workout set to music.  Combining the Ballet Barre exercises and Ballet technique, with Pilates movement principles creates an upbeat atmosphere similar to a Ballet class, but without the dance aspect.  The BARRE workout is a high intensity workout that provides an energizing program increasing strength throughout the whole body, especially the core and legs, and increases range of motion and flexibility!

The BARRE workout is designed for those who are not dancers, but want to increase their flexibility, core strength and want to look and feel better.  BARRE is perfect for both male and female athletes who want to reduce their risk of injury and increase their overall athleticism.  If you’re in sports, if you do Yoga, Pilates or other Group Exercise classes then the BARRE workout will be a wonderful addition to your routine!

The BARRE workout is offered at our Wichita Rock Road, West Central, and Ice Center locations.  Classes are also offered at our Lawrence North and Overland Park locations.

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