Shhh! We're Recording a Podcast - E. 3: Summit!

Friday, June 22 2018 5:04 PM
By Janna Dickerson

On this episode of “Shhh! We’re recording a Podcast”, Sarah talks to two frequent summiters of Colorado’s 14,000 ft peaks about what to expect when hiking a 14er! Jolee Yager, Miramont by Genesis yoga instructor and massage therapist extraordinaire, and Justin Pearl, a Miramont by Genesis personal trainer andall-around rock star, join Sarah in the conversation about what gets them up a mountain. They’ve got tales to tell and we’ve got trails to hike! 

Have you looked up at the mountains wondering how to power yourself to the top? We’ve got the answers for you! We talk about good choices for food to eat, layers to wear, how to prep, and those extra little things you might want to throw in your pack. Jolee and Justin also dive into their inspiration to summit those peaks.

Listen now: 

Take a look at some of the websites mentioned in the podcast and then get your hiking shoes ready and get out there!

Jolee and Justin on Huron Peak

Colorado 14ers Guide 

Rocky Mountain National Park Trails List

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