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Wednesday, September 9 2015 3:31 PM
By Genesis Genesis

Feature Instructor of the Month: Javier Gonzalez

Javier Gonzalez is the oldest of 7 born to a mixed Mexican- American Family in the small town of Arcadia, Florida.  Although blessed to be born an American citizen, he has spent a lot of his life in his family’s little ranch housed in the mountains of Guanajuato, Mexico learning the true meaning of hard work and appreciation for what the United States has to offer, since there was little beyond the essentials available in this home in Mexico. But time in Mexico was in no way a burden, rather a lesson and a blessing in disguise since he was able to be with his family and build pride for the culture he came from.

Javier also took great lessons from his mother, who single-handedly raised her children while maintaining a full time job and working to accomplish her dreams. Early on, his mother made sure that he accomplished each and every one of his goals even at a young age, enrolling him and his siblings in many programs that would lead them to succeed and him to earn a scholarship in the 6th grade that would fund his entire college career. First starting at a community college, he transferred to the University of South Florida Tampa campus quickly earning his Associates degree, later two Bachelor’s degrees and then finally his Master’s degree.

Currently the Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life at Emporia State University, Javier's main responsibility focuses on high student interaction, student leadership programming, student development and progress, advising students in a general spectrum of circumstances, and multicultural coordination. During his time at USF and now at ESU, he has managed to gain a substantial amount of experience within each and every one of these aspects but more within multicultural involvement/coordination and student programming.

At Genesis, Javier is one of the newest members of the staff as an instructor for the Zumba class where he manages to be motivating and empowering to those around him to further aid his strongest belief that those who at least try to do something out of their norm are the ones that go far and beyond the average individual. He hopes to one day be able to influence more individuals to get up and get going to become the best versions of themselves as the strives to do the same for himself.  For this reason, he continues to dedicate his best in all he does and to push each and every individual to their greatest potential.

Class of the Month:   Combat Fitness

We are bringing it back! Basil will give you a workout to remember.

A cardio based class that uses the fundamentals of boxing to engage participants.  Members are given a warm-up of various calisthenics & dynamic stretching.  The participants are provided with a number of movement combos including jabs, crosses, high knees & elbows.  This class is designed for members who want to have a full body exercise hour.  No prior boxing experience is needed.  Come have fun; get your sweat on & have a great 1 hour, kick butt class!


Group Power/ Group Ride 

Be watching for dates for October  

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