Emporia Group Fitness Monthly Blog - October 2014

Thursday, October 2 2014 2:03 PM
By Genesis Genesis

Greetings Emporia Members!  Below is our October Group Fitness news. 
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October Zumba Fun

Hooray for Pink! –We will be having a Zumbathon on October 12th at 3:00pm!  A $5 suggested donation will be donated to our local Cancer Foundation   The class is 75 minutes - and don't forget to wear pink! 

Also we are hosting Blacklight Halloween Bash in our Zumba class on October 26th at 3:00pm.  Costumes welcome, and we'll host a contest with a prize for best costume!

October Launches

  • October 13th at 6:30pm- Group ride
  • October 20th at 5:30pm – Group Power
  • October 23rd at 6:30pm – RIPPED new season
  • October 28th at 7:30pm – Group Centergy

Instructor of the Month: George Head

  • Born at home in the Mississippi Delta in the 1960s...yes, the 60s.
  • Our family moved to West Point Mississippi when my sister, Glynis and I were very young.
  • I am the oldest of 8 (7 living) 3boys, 4 girls. 
  • My mother had 4 (two sets of twins) in the same year Boys in January and girls in October.
  • I attended segregated school until 3rd grade. Told my first grade teacher that I was going to rule the world. I was sent to the principal's office.
  • I did art with no formal training. Won many drawing contests and wanted to work for Marvel Comics when I grew up.
  • Played baseball, basketball and took Tae Kwon Do when I was in Jr. High.
  • Took drafting/surveying in high school.
  • Went to the prom with one of the most popular girls in the Senior class(I was a junior). 
  • High school was highly overrated and very stupid.
  • Had my own business at 13 and paid for all my school stuff and clothes all through Jr. High and high school.
  • Went to college in my home town (Mary Holmes Jr. College), worked through a few semesters and still held down my own business with my gig at McDonald's.
  • Enlisted in the USAF in July 1981 and went to basic training in San Antonio, Texas! Had a ball!!! Got in trouble for imitating a drill instructor during P.T. drill. Made my D.I. laugh and avoided getting sent back to Day One.
  • Got stationed in South Dakota (cold), Japan (partied too hard, couldn't become a chaplain), and Kansas (worst assignment ever, because it was after Japan) Ended up in Utah with the Air Force Reserves and worked for Utah Valley Regional, Stouffer's, WordPerfect then an MLM which was shut down after I left.
  •  I have 3 adult children; 30 (married) 26, and 22. I also have a 3 year old grandchild.
  • Lived in Emporia for over 15 years and work in ESU’s IT Department
  • Met my spouse Amanda here who works at ESU’s Theater Department
  • Been Practicing and teaching yoga for over 6 years.  My teacher is Yoga Mama, Patty Jo Thompson…this woman saved my life.

For any questions or concerns about our classes or schedule please don't hesitate to contact me!

Charlotte Pinick
Group Fitness Coordinator - Emporia

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