Genesis Success Story - Emporia Member, Charlotte C.

Thursday, July 24 2014 3:11 PM
By Genesis Genesis

"I have always done some form of exercise all my adult life but never a gym until my husband, Larry, gave me a club membership and personal training as a gift and who could turn that down!  Shortly after I started I took a variety of fitness classes and began training with Basil.  Over the past 15 months he has had me focus on balance, stability and core exercises.  He said he wanted to work from the inside out.  We spent 3 months getting me prepared for a total knee replacement which paid off and was a total success.  When I was able to return to regular, weekly workouts I couldn’t wait to start training again and incorporated Group Power, Spin and Zumba as often as possible."

"Five months ago Basil had me begin a specific strength-building program.  Something I never believed I would have been doing but I now understand the importance of weight training.  I am now 10 month post-surgery, at a weight I am comfortable with and was stunned when I safely squatted 1.4 times my weight, 205.  Basil is very particular about correct form as well as how to use the machines correctly and knowledgeable when it comes to fitness.  I feel fortunate to have a trainer who has helped me achieve the level of fitness I have wanted.  He is someone I trust without hesitation and I wouldn’t be where I am today without his training."

Thanks Charlotte for sharing your story with us!

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