8 Tips for Accomplishing Your New Year's Resolution

Thursday, December 22 2016 9:10 AM

According to a study done by the University of Scranton, weight loss is the number one WeightNew Year’s resolution. That same study also says that only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolution.

The time to set a New Year’s resolution is now, but do you have a plan on how to follow through? Here are 8 tips for accomplishing your New Year’s weight loss resolution.

Think of the Future

According to new research, if you’re an average American, your weight at the beginning of autumn will be lower than what your scale will display by the end of the holiday season, and it will take you around five months to lose what you’ve gained.

That means the extra pounds you’ve gained won’t be shed until around June. That’s right—swimsuit season.

Have a Plan

Many people who have a weight loss goal in mind don’t have a plan on how to get there. A detailed plan is needed to ensure you have a schedule to follow and can be held accountable.

Whether your plan is to exercise three times a week, track everything you eat or lose five pounds per month, write these goals down and follow through. Have plans that are trackable, realistic and specific.

Remember that weight loss isn’t a goal. Goals are the actions taken to reach the desired end result.

Make Basic Changes

Making basic changes in your everyday life can add up to a big difference. These changes don’t have to be drastic or happen all at once, but they should be acknowledged with the final goal of making them a habit.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking farther away from work or the grocery store, going out to eat sparingly and drinking more water are a few of the small changes that can be made.

Get Help From a Friend

Goals are easily accomplished when you have someone on your team. Find a friend, relative, or co-worker with the same goal in mind and reach it together.

Whether your goal is to eat better or work out more, both are more fun with a friend. Not only can you hold each other accountable, but you can provide a support system and a little bit of healthy competition.

Nutrition is Important

Nutrition plays a vital role in conquering your weight loss goals. Fuel your body with nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day to help maintain energy.

Meal prepping is beneficial for people who work or are on the go frequently. Instead of driving down the street to your favorite fast food restaurant, plan and prepare your meals ahead of time to help set yourself up for success.

Pick a certain day, such as Sunday, to prepare all of your meals for the upcoming week. Be sure to include adequate fats, carbohydrates and protein, which will ensure you stay energized and satiated.

Remember the 90% Rule

When it comes to eating right, it doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy any of your favorite foods. Be sure to have realistic goals that can be met. Most people are successful if they remember the 90% rule—eat healthy most of the time and allow that additional 10% to be used for special treats.

Get Plenty of Rest

Being short on sleep can really put a damper on your weight loss. Not only can a lack of sleep cause you to be too tired to go to the gym or cook a nutritious dinner, but it can also increase cortisol levels.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that signals your body to hold onto excess fat around the midsection—making it difficult to lose weight.

Sleeping is like nutrition for your body, so be sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night.


Whether you have a gym membership, want a gym membership or just workout at home, exercising is crucial to your weight loss journey.

Write down the days you plan on working out and have your gym bag ready. This way, you will be prepared and will have your day planned—giving you plenty of time to fit in a workout.

Treat your workouts like important meetings you can’t miss. Eventually your exercise routine will become a habit and you’ll become healthier with each workout.

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