Hutchinson Group Fitness Monthly Blog - December 2014

Friday, December 5 2014 4:52 PM
By Erin Kovacic

Group Blast Launch!!

Annie Bass And Kristi Keeling Blasted US!!  Hutchinson Genesis Group Blast Launch was a Huge Success!! We had 30 members blasting away during our premier!!

“Diversely athletic” “Leggy!” and “Just brilliant!”  Not your Old School Step either!”,  participants described the newest release of Group Blast.
Have a Blast!

Check our schedule for Group Blast classes and MORE to be added after the Holidays!!

Hello,  my name is Stewart Flinn, I am a Group Ride instructor (5 yrs) and a Dillons Pharmacist (25 yrs).  Have I always been interested in exercise and being fit and in great shape.  No.  Actually growing up on a dairy farm I always thought it strange that city kids wanted to go work out at the gym.  Then when I was in the USAF (6 yrs) my fellow airmen would want to go work out at the gym. I would wonder "Why do they want to do that?".  I have gotten smarter over the years and have been a seeker of truth and a traveler on a journey of knowledge and enlightenment.

I have learned some of the reasons why people work out, they want to be active, healthy, avoid illness, make cool friends, friends that share a common goal, stay physically fit as they age and maintain a healthy weight. 

Almost everyone struggles with losing weight. Weight loss is a billion dollar a year industry. Books, diets, recipes, pills, snake oil, gimmicks, DVD's.  How do I know this, because I've tried most of them. Now I am going to tell you how to lose weight for free. You just need to learn a simple mathematical formula and the 3 F's.

In life we have the 3 F's which are Faith, Family and Friends.  In weight loss we also have 3 F's which are Food, Fuel and Fat.  Our bodies need Fuel, we get Fuel by eating Food if we eat more Food than our bodies need our bodies store this excess Food as Fat. It's a wonderful thing if you're bear and you're going to hibernate for a few months. But we are not bears, so we do not want to store Fat.  Our simple math formula is "Calories In vs.Calories Out".

What should you weigh?  The NIH (National Institutes of Health) states that you should have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 25 or less.  Under 25 healthy, over 25 obese.  Losing weight is not rocket science. It is food selection, counting calories, keeping a food journal, exercise, understanding the Food-Fuel-Fat connection and determining what your goal is. 

Is losing weight hard?  Yes, but if you have knowledge, motivation and a goal you can do anything.   A number you may find interesting is that 1 lb of fat is 3,600 calories.  

Now it's story time.  About 10 yrs ago I took a hard look at my life.  I wasn't exercising, I was overweight.  I weighed 235 lbs. To have a BMI of 25 I needed to weigh 176 lbs. That is 59 lbs overweight. I tried a lot of different things and wasted a lot of money with little success, it wasn't until I understood the information that I mentioned earlier and put it into practice that I started achieving the results that I have today. It was a slow process, I didn't get overweight overnight and I wasn't going to lose that excess weight overnight. I joined Genesis, became a regular in a lot of different classes, I liked Group Ride, Group Power, Group Centergy and Group Kick.  I saw an opportunity to go to Group Ride training and now I look forward to teaching classes and being able to help others.

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