Hutchinson Group Fitness Monthly Blog - January 2015

Thursday, January 8 2015 1:05 PM

January, time for staying healthy and becoming healthy!! We are here to help!!

We offer a variety of classes to enable you to train your body a variety of ways. From the hard driving cardio of Group Ride, to the soothing rhythms of yoga. There is Something for Every Body at Your Genesis!! 

January is also the time of the year we launch all our MOSSA new quarterly releases

  • Centergy Sunday, Jan 4, 12:00 pm 
  • Group Ride , Saturday Jan 10 @ 8:00 am
  • R30, Sunday, January 11 @ 12:15 pm
  • Group Power, Sunday, January 11 @ 1:00 pm
  • Group Kick, Saturday, January 24, @ 8:00 am

If you haven't tried these classes a launch is the best time to attend, new music, new moves, great fun, taught by a team of instructors!'

Meet One of instructors,Cheri Mullen-Hastert

Hi!  My name is Cheri Mullen-Hastert and I am a “Genesis Gym Junkie!”  I joined Genesis Health Clubs 6 years ago…relunctantly.  Having always worked out at home, I had no desire to become a gym member or be a part of group fitness classes until I walked in to Becky Holcomb’s Group Power class one Sunday afternoon and I was hooked.  After about 3 months, I was approached and abruptly started instructing a dying Zumba class with having no knowledge of the material and having never been a fitness instructor.  Genesis took a chance on me and I’m so thankful they did.  I soon became Zumba certified but knew I wanted to create a workout that I knew would be more effective for myself and the other members too.  Having to start from scratch with material, it took a ton of hard work and many trials to bring the class attendance from about 3 people to a class average of 60-70 people over the next 2 years.  With the success of the class, it was time to bring in other instructors that I had watched grow over time and they were able to add additional classes to help with the growing demand and numbers.  About 3 years ago, Genesis allowed us to change the name of the class to URBAN GROOVE in order for us to continue to create material and a format that was making the class so successful.  There is an amazing dynamic to this class that feels more like family and we’ve ventured passed just working our together to other areas of giving back to our community through various fund-raising events for our Veterans with American Legion, American Heart Association, and breast cancer.  As the “Groove Crew,” we’ve also participated in the 5K Glow Run the last 2 years and brought home the award for “Best Dance Team” and the Genesis 5K Hippy run.  Every year, we hold events for Military Appreciation, Halloween, and a team building event with Hutchinson High School Basketball team.  We workout hard together but we also have so much fun together!

Through my 6 years with Genesis, I’ve been blessed with many successes with the classes I’ve taught not only with Urban Groove, but with Group Power, FitLife, Buttz and Gutz, and various Kids’ Bootcamps.  Last year at the 2013 Genesis Christmas Party, I was so honored to receive 2 awards:  Group Fitness PEER RECOGNITION award, and a FAVORITE GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTOR award.  Through all my nights away from home, my husband, John, who is a PGA golf professional at Turkey Creek Golf Course, has been patient.  Not only him, but my 2 amazing sons.  Jordan, a college student, and Graham, a United States Marine, have supported my class ventures and have often participated as well.

Is ‘group fitness’ beneficial? You bet it is!  When you join group fitness, you not only get a better workout when you feed off of all the class adrenaline, but you build wonderful relationships, accountability, and support systems!

Keep Calm and Be Awesome!!

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