Hutchinson Group Fitness Monthly Blog - March 2015

Monday, March 2 2015 2:55 PM
By Erin Kovacic

Hello Hutchinson members,
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Enjoy our March  Group Fitness news. This month we are celebrating our members and one in particular  - I would like to introduce you to Helen,  as she  tells  you her story giving her lots of reasons to Workout At Genesis and Stay Fit!

Hi, my name is Helen Bornholdt and I want to tell you my story about how being active and fit saved my life at the young age of 84.   I’ve been a member of Genesis since 2007 and attend weekly classes, 5 days a week; Fit Life and Stretch classes.  

In November, 2012, my daughter, Chris Armstrong (who is also a member of Genesis), went on vacation and asked if I would come over and feed her cat.  Chris lives out in the country with her family and their pet cat. The day I went over to feed Ebby, was a typical Kansas windy day. I went inside the barn to feed her cat, and once inside, the wind blew the door shut. I didn’t think anything of it at the time.   I fed the cat and went to leave and noticed the barn door was not only shut but locked!!  There is a latch on the outside which closed when the wind blew the door shut.

Needless to say, I was scared. Besides the skylight at the top of barn, there wasn’t any other light inside, it was also dark.  To make the situation worse, no one knew I was here.   My fears were over come as I began thinking:  I needed to do something to rescue myself.   First thing,   I stuck my head out the cat door and wouldn’t you know the cat, Ebby was sitting outside enjoying herself while I was stuck inside.  I’m a small person, but not small enough to fit through  the cat door.  I soon realized, if I didn’t figure a way out I would be  stuck in this barn for 3 days.

My  second idea, was to pull  these two  flimsy,  grey  shelves  together, after removing all the stuff they had piled on them.  I pushed these shelves together to act as a ladder and using the lawnmower I climbed to the top towards the skylight, without falling. Once up at the top, I realized I needed something to break the Plexiglas in the skylight.   So I climbed back down, picked up a 15 lb sledge hammer and climbed back up very carefully.  Once at the top I knocked the Plexiglas out and pulled myself up to the roof.   I was out of the barn, thank goodness, but on the roof.  I knew if I jumped off the barn, I would break an arm or a leg.   I began walking around on the barn roof and discovered there was a pine tree next to the building. I thought, if I could grab two branches and swing down to the ground like “Tarzan” I would be safe.  But I wasn’t sure about this move; I had to talk myself into doing it.  I knew if I didn’t there wasn’t any other way to get down.  So I did and I landed on the ground!!  Safe and Sound!!

When I got down I drove over to my other daughter’s house, Kathy Smith,  and told her the entire story.  We called Chris and let her know what had happened and as soon as Chris got home, she purchased an automatic Kitty Feeder, for Ebby.

My family has always been Genesis members and they were the ones who got me to join in the beginning.   My daughters, Kathy Smith and Chris Armstrong,( the cat owner). Along with, both my granddaughters, Autumn Westfall and Sarah May.  In fact Sarah is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor at Genesis. As you see being and staying healthy runs in the family!

Thank you Genesis!!

Instructor of the Month, Annie Bass

Annie is certified in Group Power, Group Ride, R30 and Group Blast,  and teaches Buttz & Gutz, Cardio & Iron and Fit Life. Annie has been an instructor in Hutchinson since 2013 and worked every minute of it!!   Annie loves teaching and loves helping our members.  Annie is a great friend to everyone and a wonderful mother of two daughters, Starla & Rachel.

We are sad to say, she will be leaving us in May and moving to California to join her husband, Kirby.  We are going to miss her very much,  but wish her Good Luck and Best Wishes on her New Journey!!!

Thank you Annie for Everything you have Done for Hutchinson’s Group Fitness!

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