Lawrence Group Fitness Monthly Blog - March 2015

Monday, March 2 2015 3:24 PM
By Erin Kovacic

We LOVE Group Fitness & Learning new things in Lawrence!

We had a LOVE-ly month in Group Fitness in February, highlighted by special Valentine’s Day classes at both locations.

At South, we asked members to wear pink or red if you love Group Power - this was their response:

Not to be left out, Group Centergy wanted to show their love too!

At North our G60 Boot Camp attendees got their sweat on bright & early so they could enjoy the rest of their valentine’s day.

To end our Valentine’s celebration, Tanya hosted a Thai Couple yoga massage - 90 minutes of partner yoga that 10 couples LOVED! 

We hope to offer special yoga retreats / classes at least once a quarter in our LOVE-ly need yoga studio.

We have also been working to add new instructors & new classes at both our clubs by hosting a training in Group Power & Fluidity in the past 30 days.

First we had the pleasure of a Group Power training with MOSSA master trainer Rex Repaire, attended by Group Power hopefuls Sherre-Khan J, Janell B, Janae C, Leah B. & Tami H. along 10 others. It was a great weekend - all the new instructors LOVE Rex! Our new kids are almost all done filming their videos / certified! We want to thank all of you who have been part of our filming classes - we appreciate both your patience & your willingness to help our new instructors complete their certifications. 

In addition we had the pleasure of learning a new class format - Fluidity Barre - which we hope to bring to Lawrence North in April. We spent a weekend getting our booties kicked gracefully by Fluidity Master Trainer Tanya Badgley - Lawrence Fluidity trainees are (left to right): Karen J, Tami H, Kamay P, Cristal B, Tarah M, Jordan M, & Jill G. If you want to LOVE your backside & lengthen your body lines, this new class is for you! Stay tuned for announcements regarding the new classes coming in Q2.

Lawrence North Instructor of the Month: Barry Barnes

Do you LOVE Zumba & a fitness class that always feels like a dance party? Then Barry Barnes in your man! Barry is a certified Zumba instructor and ZIN member and has been teaching for the last 6 years. As a participant, Barry thought the best way to stick with a workout would be to become an instructor. If you like music and dancing, Zumba is a fun way to stay in shape. Since becoming an instructor Barry has lost about 20 pounds which alleviated some pain in his knees and ankles. The most rewarding part of being an instructor is knowing he's helping people relieve daily stress while also helping them stay fit. It's good to hear members at the end of class say how much they NEEDED this workout today. Barry's class motto: Keep moving, have fun and if you don't like what I'm doing, do your own thing!

Barry works at the Hallmark Cards production facility, is a published poet and professional washboard player. Barry is a native of Lawrence, has been married for 28 years and has two adult children, 3 dogs and a cat. 

Interesting fact: Barry had the opportunity to travel to Europe this year with the Ernest James Zydeco band to headline a Dutch Cajun and Zydeco music festival.

You can catch Barry in the act - teaching Zumba - the following days / locations:

Lawrence South - Mondays 6:30PM

Lawrence North - Wednesdays 5:30PM, Saturdays 10:00AM & Sundays 1:00PM.

Come groove with Barry & get to know our Renaissance Zumba Jam Man!

Lawrence South Instructor of the Month: Pam MacDonald

Would you LOVE to get to know Group Ride instructor Pam Macdonald better? I sat down with Pam to learn more about this fiery, fantastic instructor:

- Why do you enjoy teaching group fitness?

Before I started teaching group ride, I attended group fitness classes regularly. I found I worked much harder in the group environment than I did on my own. One of the things that has benefited me the most about teaching classes, is that I have to show up no matter how rough of a day I have had or how much I don’t feel like working out. Once I am there, the members motivate me to work very hard and get in a great workout! I hope that I motivate them to push harder as well. If I cycled on my own, I’d probably just do an hour long Spin track!

- What changes have you seen - either in yourself or your students - since you started teaching?

Since beginning teaching, I have lost several pounds and toned up quite a bit. I love seeing the members improve their fitness levels as well. It’s great to see someone who struggled to finish the class, now gets through the entire workout with energy to spare!

- What you do when not teaching?

I am a Professor of Psychology at Emporia State University. Other than work and group fitness classes, I lift weights 4-5 times a week. I also keep busy with soccer – both of my daughters (ages 11 and 13) play elite competitive soccer year round.

- What is something our members don’t know about you?

I have written and published over 20 academic works (journal articles, book chapters, etc.) and conducted some of the first empirical research studies on equine facilitate therapy and learning programs for at-risk youth.  

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