Genesis Overland Park's Newest Trainer - Briana Brewer

Wednesday, May 27 2015 11:12 AM
By Katlyn Hartford

Genesis Overland Park's Personal Trainer, , grew up in a Concordia, Kansas.  She first found a passion for fitness as a dancer. She took dance for 19 years, which included: jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, and modern.  To this day she pursues her passion in dance by enjoying Zumba and Hip Hop classes from time to time. With her dancing background, it was easy for Briana to transition into the fitness world. Being so physically active with dance lead Briana to fall in love with the fitness world. One of Briana’s favorite things to do is try out new athletic activities.  “I love trying out everything there is, as long as I get a sweat on!” She calls herself a “gym gypsy”, because she is always trying out new places to workout.

Growing up, Briana struggled with her self-confidence and body image.  As a dancer she was always in front of mirrors. Briana struggled with eating disorders but found a love for strength training at the gym. She quickly learned that to gain the body she had always wanted, she needed to fix her eating disorders. Her first job in the fitness industry helped her understand herself better and overcome her struggles with food.  “I learned how to balance exercise and nutrition and how to use it to make my body healthy and learned to love myself.” She explained.  Briana uses that drive to help her clients achieve their goals and make them feel good about themselves.  Her biggest joy is seeing a client, who at first was very self-conscious their first day and then months later become a completely different/happier person because they are so confident. Briana enjoys spreading the joy of fitness to others and feels rewarded when she sees the progress her clients make.

Briana attended Kansas State University for Exercise of Science.  In 2008 she earned her Personal Trainer Certification and in 2012 she became a Nutrition Coach.  Her certifications include NASM certified PT and Corrective Exercise Specialist, ISSA certified PT and Specialist in Sports Nutrition, Precision Nutrition 1 certified, and Zumba certified.  She has competed in multiple fitness/bikini competitions.  She placed 3rd in the NPA Midway USA in 2014 and in the Omaha Showdown in 2012; and placed 5th in the Muscle Mayhem in 2010.  Between here fitness competitions and her dance competitions, her favorite part was performing on stage.

Briana’s ideal client is someone recovering from an injury or a weight loss client. Helping a client alleviate pain and/or lose weight. It is rewarding when a client comes to her with an issue and she is able to fix it. Her advanced certification in Corrective Exercise helps know how to recover clients from injuries or range and mobility impairment. Briana also enjoys weight loss clients, as she specializes in nutrition. Her advanced certification, Precision Nutrition, allows her to help clients with both nutrition and exercise.

Genesis is excited to welcome Briana to the Overland Park Personal Training Team. Sign up for a sessions with her, and you will quickly see that passion and drive!  She can’t wait to get started with you and help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goal!

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