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Thursday, June 18 2015 11:09 AM
By Genesis Genesis

After being in the fitness industry for 15 years it is clear that the right prescription of fitness most clients need is a personal trainer with a mix of group fitness to truly get the right results.   Invest in yourself!  A personal trainer will help you teach you and keep you on track with your fitness goals.  It is helpful to have the one on one experience to keep you honest and motivated!  Group Fitness is a supplement to your trainer because it allows you to burn calories and condition, which will lead to weigh- loss.
Cardio alone will not get you the best results.  To have a strong, healthy and fit body, you need the combination of both, strength and cardio.  With one-on-one training you will work on gaining muscle and strength with form and alignment. Your trainer will also talk to you about your diet and make sure you are fueling your body right.   Group Fitness will show you a safe and fun way to get you moving and keep your energy up.  We all play such an important part in getting our members what they desire!  

We all want to live in the best community and that starts with you.  You have to take care of yourself first. Who else is going to do it?  If you are at your best, you can create a community that is strong and cared for.  Never think for a second that you can’t afford a personal trainer. We customize your training session to your needs and budget.  If you want to meet once a week or every other week, do half our sessions, whatever you need we’ll tailor it to you.  Our trainers will make sure you stay on track and meet your goals.  They can also tell you which group fitness classes to take on your days off with them to keep you in right direction.  

How can you get the most out of group fitness?  Pick classes that really speak to you.  Try everything once but if you’re not feeling the energy or excited to go, then maybe that’s not the class for you.  Talk to your group fitness instructor and tell them what you are working on.  They cannot gear the whole class to you, but if they know you want something they might be able to work a little more towards that.  Group Fitness is a general workout designed to meet the masses, nothing will be made just for you.  There are options given in every class and you want to take advantage of that so you get the best results for your body.

The combination of Personal Training and Group Fitness at Genesis Health Clubs will get you into the best shape of your life.  Remember to learn and listen to your body, we all need a teacher, trainer, and a coach on our team.  You will think clearer, move better, and live a better quality of life!  To be able to do the things you want to do all starts with the body that you want to do them in.  Visit the club today and get your free Personal Fitness Assessment if you haven’t already!   

-Dana Goodale, Genesis Overland Park Group Fitness Coordinator

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