It's Never Too Late to Learn This Sport of a Lifetime

Tuesday, May 19 2015 5:43 PM
By Genesis Genesis

Are you looking to get into tennis but don’t know a thing about it?  Don’t worry you are not alone!  Genesis has Tennis Courts at our Rock Road, Topeka Southwest, Overland Park, West Central and St. Joseph locations.  Genesis’ Tennis Professionals are highly talented and qualified to help you in your journey to learn.  Tennis can look like a complicated sport.  In reality, if you understand the way it’s played, it isn’t that complicated. Tennis is a sport of a lifetime, whether you are nine or ninety, you can always learn!  This will give you an idea of what tennis is like.  We’ll walk you through how to keep score, the different levels that are played, different types of balls used, and different drills that are practiced to improve your sport.  After reading this you will have a good grasp on the fundamentals of tennis!  This information has been compiled by our team of Tennis Professionals at Genesis Health Clubs.  

First we’ll talk about the scoring.   Tennis is a game that is lost, not won.  When Person/Team A lets the ball past them, doesn’t get the ball over the net, or the ball goes out of bounds, Person/Team B gets the point.  There are four points in a game, win by two.  The first person/team to get to four points wins the game.  The first person/team to win six games wins the set.  If there is a tie on the sixth game, a seventh game is played for a tie breaker.  The person/team to win two out of three sets wins the match.  The points go more into depth.  If you are interested in learning more, contact our Tennis Director’s in your area.  

Next we’ll talk about the different types of levels.  There are many levels of adult tennis that are based off a rating system that is on .5 increments.  Most adult drills start at a 2.5 level, or an advanced beginner level.  Most of Genesis’ players start at a 3.0 level, lower intermediate.  The average player usually doesn’t get passed a 3.5 level, intermediate.  Most of the Tennis Professionals at Genesis play at a 4.5 to 5.5 level, lower advanced.  The top players in the world are considered 5.5 – 7.0 level, advanced.  Genesis has offers classes in the different level.  Meet with a Tennis Professional today to see what level you’re in.  Check out your local page for league’s that are offered as well.

If you are interested in getting your kids signed up for tennis lessons, here are some of the different types of balls and levels they play with.  There is a red ball, orange ball, green dot ball, and the yellow ball (your traditional ball).  The red ball is a foam ball that is larger and only bounces at 25% of the regular yellow ball.  This ball is for kid’s ages eight years old and under.  The orange ball is yellow and orange and bounces at 50% of the yellow ball.  This ball is for kid’s ages seven to ten years old.  The green dot ball is a used yellow ball that has a green dot on it and bounces at 75% of a new yellow ball.  This ball is perfect for kid’s ages ten to twelve years old.  Beginning teenagers and adults may also play with the green dot ball.

Kids play based on their age and level.  There is beginner, advanced beginner, and so forth.  We do have some programs designed for tournament level players.  The various levels of tournaments for yellow ball are novice, open, futures, supers, sweet16s/nationals.  There are also tournaments that play with their specific ball called ROGY.  These tournaments are mostly novice to open levels of play.  Genesis offers tennis lessons for kid’s ages three years and up.  Genesis Tennis Professionals will get your kids ready for tournaments and school teams.  Check out your local clubs classes that fits your child’s level.

When you are practicing tennis there are many types of drills that you can play.  Single specific and doubles specific are developmental drills and performance drills.  Situational Activity Drills are cardio drills that go through certain situations.  Drills can be very broad or specific; it depends on the level of the program, which was mentioned earlier.  Genesis offers drill and play, situational, and drop-in drill classes at all our locations.  Visit your clubs page for their class schedule.

This is just an overview of how tennis is run.  If you are interested in learning more about the tennis programs at your Genesis Health Clubs, visit their page on this website.  There are many fun ways to learn how to play tennis.  Every Genesis with a tennis court offers a free tennis lesson for your first lesson.  This is a way to get your feet wet and see if it is something that you might want to continue.  Our Tennis Professionals are highly skilled and will help you learn how to play tennis.  Follow our blog for more fun facts about tennis.

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