Do it Anyway

Friday, June 15 2018 5:02 PM
By Genesis Genesis

When I had the epiphany to start running, I expected to lose weight and have a healthier body. I also anticipated trying to catch my breath and a bit of sweating. Running met all those expectations and more. What I didn’t foresee, was how much I would actually enjoy the new me. I used to be that person who would rather surrender in a zombie apocalypse out of pure laziness than run for survival. Now, I’m a totally different person. I am motivated to get up and do it, and I keep getting up and run the next day and the next. I even enjoy it, not all of it, but I sure enjoy the way I feel when I add time to my runs and accomplish those times. I literally fist pump in the middle of the track and whisper to myself “I did it!” I can do it and I will continue to surprise myself.

You know how a lot of runners like to run in groups or have a running partner or take someone up on their offer, “Hey, we should run together on Wednesday at the crack of dawn”? I’m not one of those people. When I run, I live in my head. The only person I am paying attention to is the artist that is currently playing in my headphones. Not so much because I need “me time,” I just don’t want to exert anymore energy into conversing or keeping an “agreeable pace” with someone else. I’m already running. I need to put all my effort on that.

I just arrived at the gym and I really don’t feel like being here, let alone running for 42 minutes. We all new this would happen at some point. It happens to everyone. I tell myself, “Just start… you’ll get your mojo once you get going.” I hope I’ve convinced myself enough for it to be true because there’s the other part in me saying “Ehh… Pfff…!” However, the part that speaks the loudest is that part that screams to me, “Just do it! Quit making excuses! Work for that body! If not, you’ll just go back to how you were before all this. Exercising is now something you do. Regularly. It’s going to be hard and some days will test you more than others. Go, Inny. Do it anyway.”

I never thought the day would come that I would pick myself up and motivate myself to put in consistent hard work at the gym. Just maybe, the unreachable is within my grasp. And all I had to do was realize that I can do better for myself. I often used to tell myself that I was the exception. If there’s one person who has the excuse not to go to the gym, it’s me. With two jobs, school full time and being a single mom, the world would understand if I didn’t have time for the gym. Truth bomb: who cares whether or not the world would understand. In the end, it is my body that suffers the consequences of skipping. Before I would say, “Meh I can live with it.” But look at how I was living. Look how detrimental it was to my health. As soon as I had any free time to myself, I’d watch marathons of Netflix often with a fresh bag of chips, or I’d zombie-out on my phone for a few hours on autopilot.

That was barely living. Now, I’ve learned how to carve time out for moving my body (that phrasing somehow sounds less intimidating than “exercising”) and then I follow through. On the days when I am less than inclined to do so, I tell myself to do it anyway. I still do my marathons on Netflix but only here and there. Now, I sweat, I pant, and I move. With the tiredness, pain and all the other things running gives me, my body finally feels alive.

~Inny Salgado

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