Genesis Weight Loss Story - Amanda Jeane

Friday, May 8 2015 1:37 PM
By Genesis Genesis

Amanda was living an active life, but she was static.  She was stuck in a pattern and wasn’t seeing results. Her moment of truth though, was looking at picture one day and deciding that the way she looked was unacceptable and she needed to make some huge changes.  She was overweight, overwhelmed, and terrified.   Amanda’s transformation happened over the course of three years.  She began by eating healthier, running on the treadmill and elliptical but was never really seeing huge results.  She was terrified of lifting weights and she needed the push of G60 to get her out of her comfort zone.  

In G60 Boot Camp, Amanda not only got over her fear of weightlifting, but she learned the benefits of mixing cardio with it.  She learned how to value herself in the process.  Once she achieved one goal she would set a new one for her.  When she had a bad week she wouldn’t get discouraged.  She just put it behind her and kept going.  “This is a mind set and a lifestyle change.  I’m never going back.” Amanda explains.  She has seen huge improvement in her ability to do exercises, she has no limits.  Amanda has lost 50lbs so far and continues to do work hard.

Amanda has made some great friends during G60 and has started a Facebook Group called Fitness Fuel.  The page is a place to motivate and encourage her friends to keep going.  They post anything from encouraging words to healthy recipes, to new work outs to try at home.  She encourages each club to create a page that helps members stay motivated.  It has really helped her achieve her goals.                             

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