Genesis Weight Loss Story - Rosemary Dorsey

Thursday, May 14 2015 5:12 PM
By Genesis Genesis

Rosemary experienced some life changing health issues that scared the life back into her.  “I felt like I was living on borrowed time and desperately needed to make some major changes with having well over 100lbs to lose.” says Rosemary.  She started her long journey by eating healthier.  She changed her mind set and got control of her relationship with food.  Although she lost quite a bit of weight just by eating better, she eventually hit a plateau and needed to add fitness to her life.  

Joining G60 has made a huge impact on Rosemary’s life.  Before G60, she took Deep Water Aerobic three times a week and utilized the fitness center twice a week.  After the outdoor pool closed down for the winter, Rosemary jumped in the G60 Boot Camp class.  At first, it kicked her butt and she had to rest frequently.  With the encouragement of the instructors and trainers, she kept with it and is now doing Boot Camp three times a week, Cardio and Iron twice a week, and Yoga once a week.  

Rosemary wants to thank Heather Hausman and the amazing team at St. Joseph location.  She was able to get her closer to her weight loss goal while gaining muscle, endurance, core strength and confidence.  She is confident that Genesis will help her achieve her goal and many more goals to come.  She is living a healthier lifestyle and will never go back to her old ways.                

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