Personal Testimony from Derek Lee

Wednesday, September 23 2015 2:44 PM
By Genesis Genesis

Derek Lee is one of our members at the Salina location.  He attended one of our previous Nutritional Seminars and was inspired to change his lifestyle for the better.  Here is his personal story on how he was able to achieve his goal and live a healthier life.

"I just wanted  to say Thank You to Joe Humiston for putting on these Nutritional Seminars.  When I visited the last one, I realized that there were several tweaks I needed to make to my daily diet.

Specifically, though I was counting calories, I was not seeing the muscle gain I desired and still had low energy times throughout the day.  I learned that I was not meeting my basal metabolic rate, was missing key nutrients, and was missing out on the best times for key nutrients.

I now eat 6 times per day, starting with protein and fats in the morning to start my steady calorie burn for the day. I hit all of my key nutrient goals, made possible with Quest bars for snacks and using SRX supplements. The SRX daily vitamin and omega pills are essential to my daily diet.

My energy level is not only up, it stays up all day. I have been able to continue losing weight while adding measurable muscle weight each month.  Of course, my training with Andrew is essential, too, but diet has been a key factor.  

This morning was a "milestone" day. With a scale weight of 212, I am now down exactly 150 pounds from where I started. Thank You for being a part of it!"

-Derek Lee

Gym Member BeforeDerek After

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