Topeka Group Fitness Monthly Blog - June 2015

Monday, June 15 2015 12:06 PM
By Genesis Genesis

Topeka North-

Kristina Saliceti

Kristina is a retired military pilot, wife of an active duty military officer, and mother of 4. She began Pilates in 2000 after a back injury and studied the discipline for 2 years before becoming a certified Pilates Instructor Basic and Advanced in 2003. She then earned her certification as a Cycle Instructor in 2006 and also holds certifications in Group Exercise, Core instruction, Swiss Ball, and BOSU through multiple organizations.  Being stationed around the country, Kristina had the wonderful opportunity to teach various classes in Atlantic City, Houston, Dallas/Ft Worth, Virginia Beach, and their surrounding areas.  In addition to a variety of locations, she had the benefit of instructing classes in multiple settings including Pilates and yoga studios, YMCAs, LA Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Personal Training/Body Building Gym and Rehabilitation Gym, as well as smaller venues such as Fitness 2000 and Curves. This variety led Kristina to work with special needs clients, as well as body builders, tri-athletes, and professional all-star athletes.  She worked with age ranged from6 to 92 years old.  Her Pilate’s classes range from personal session to group classes with as many as 50 people!  In addition, her cycling classes range from intro level classes with 2 students to full class of 45 students.  

Kristina is currently teaching Cycle and Pilates for Genesis Health Clubs in Topeka.  Her goal is to imbue as much knowledge as possible to her students to the point where they understand the execution, purpose and function of each exercise so well that proper implementation becomes second nature.  Join one of her classes now!  Check the class schedule for days and times.

Topeka Southwest-

Francis Gacutan
Auburn, Kansas

Francis has been a cycle instructor for 7 years. At Genesis, he teaches a nonstop, continuous freestyle cycling using upbeat and high energy dance music and mixed music beats with a combination of upper body and leg workout! This class will help tone your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and chest, and help build leg strength. This class is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle, looking to lose weight, tone their bodies and have fun.

If you are interested in trying out one of Francis’ classes, check the class schedule now! 

Topeka Southeast-

Genesis was asked to do a Demo for Walk Kansas!  This shows the participants how to use Soup Cans for Exercise.  Soup it up for Fitness!

How does Walk Kansas work?

  • Co-workers, family members, friends and neighbors form teams of 6 people who will track minutes of physical activity and food choices during the 8-week challenge.
  • Each team identifies a goal, or challenge, it wants to reach. Three challenges are offered.
  • Challenge 1 is the distance across the state, and would require each member to reach the minimum guidelines for physical activity, 150 minutes per week. To reach
  • Challenge 2, the team must go across and back, or 5 hours per week for each participant.
  • Challenge 3 takes the team 1200 miles around the perimeter of the state, a 6-hour-per-week goal for each person.Walking isn’t the only activity that counts. Read through your “Move More – Feel Better, Physical Activity.
  • Guide” to learn about moderate and vigorous activities that count, and strengthening exercises. Just a reminder – any activity you report should be performed for a minimum of 10 consecutive minutes.
  • Participants record daily fruit and vegetable consumption.
  • Team members report progress to their team captain each week. Team captain reports totals to local program each week.

Friendly competition can be motivating so check team progress on this website.

At the Banquet, The Lead Instructor Tamara McGinnis- Genesis Topeka will encourage the participants to continue their Fitness Experience!!!



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