Group Fitness

Genesis offers a wide-range of fitness classes including step aerobics, cycling, to muscular strength and Group Power to kick boxing and mind-body offerings like Pilates and yoga. Click on the drop down links from the Group Fitness button above to check out the class schedules for any of our locations.

We offer multi-level classes for both physically fit members and novices. A friendly atmosphere with a personal approach is our pledge to you.

All fitness classes are taught by nationally certified instructors who are real motivators and educators. A multi-point fitness survey and a Personal Fitness Assessment help ensure that you get the results you want from each class. We call it Results Based Training.

Members must be 16 or older to participate in our scheduled classes, 13 if accompanied by a parent. All fitness classes begin with an 8-10 minute warm up designed for that specific class. Each finishes with a 5-10 minute cool down. At Genesis, we aim to make working out work for you!

Learn about what type of classes we offer!


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