Hutchinson Personal Training

Our certified Hutchinson personal trainers are experienced fitness experts who will help you meet your fitness goals by giving you the motivation and knowledge to succeed with our custom training programs. We’ll help you lose weight, boost stamina, increase speed, add flexibility and improve balance with a fitness strategy designed just for you.

Personal training sessions from our dedicated staff of trainers provide you with the best results. Our program educates and inspires you to look and feel your best by customizing a workout plan based on your specific needs and offers support every step of the way.

Hutchinson Genesis clubs offer more than a great workout. We work with you to help decrease stress levels, increase endurance and enhance your body composition.

Personal Training Mission

Our personal trainers help you take command of your fitness. We pay attention to your specific fitness needs, give you the extra drive to succeed and help you reach all your fitness goals. Our expert staff develops and helps you implements a healthy lifestyle plan for you that transforms you for the better. We make it happen together!

Hutchinson Personal Training Commitment

Our commitment is to be right there supporting you while you work to achieve your fitness goals. Our Genesis Fitness Advisors and Certified Personal Trainers are dedicated to giving you the best personal training experience in Hutchinson.

We help you stick with your workouts and stay on top of your progress. We end training sessions by scheduling the following appointment so you’ll have clear goals to work toward. You’ll get the help of our expert fitness management throughout your entire Genesis Health Club membership.

Free Training Session

Our Fitness Objective

Our number one objective is to help you get into the best shape you’ve ever been. You want results - our personal trainers deliver! No other club in Hutchinson offers this level of commitment, expertise and service as our personal training included with your Genesis membership.

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    Preston Petersen
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Hutchinson Personal Trainer Location

Genesis Hutchinson - 412 E. 30th St. - (620) 663-9090

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