Junior Tennis Academy

Genesis' Junior Tennis Academy isn't just for the pros, it's for every kid who loves meeting friends and having fun.


The Junior Tennis Academy teaches children between the ages of 3 and 18 with the skills necessary to become a good tennis player and a good team player.


Free Tennis Lesson

Genesis offers children the best facility and staff in the area with indoor and outdoor courts and certified tennis pros. So whether it's teaching a beginner how to hold a racket or going one-on-one with an advanced player, Genesis can help improve every aspiring tennis star's game.


Each program allows players to develop the skills necessary to succeed in tennis in addition to developing other life skills. Self-discipline, assertiveness and good sportsmanship are just a few of the skills that children will learn.


Academy Objectives Include:

  • To encourage tennis participation of all ages, levels of interest and caliber of play
  • To set the highest standards of fair play and sportsmanship
  • To provide quality instruction, assisting players in reaching their full potential
  • To maintain a friendly and safe environment, as well as the best playing conditions and facilities

In order to participate in the Junior Tennis Academy, you must be a member of Genesis. However, guests who do not need access to the fitness facility may purchase a Junior Tennis Only membership.


Membership Dues

Ages 12 & Under 
Ages 13 - 17          
Term Cost Family Members   Term Cost Family Members
3 Months PIF $60 $30 each    3 Months PIF $105  $60 each
12 Months $15/month     $10/month each    12 Months $30/month       $20/month each
1 Year PIF $180 $120/year each    1 Year PIF $360/year  $240/year each



Lesson Costs

Level I Skilled Pros
Time    1 person        Group of 2      Group of 3      Group of 4      Group of 5  
1/2 Hour $29 $35 $44 $59 NA
1 Hour $50 $60 $75 $100 $125
1 1/2 Hour $75 $90 $108 $130 $150
Level 2 Skilled Pros
1/2 Hour $25 $30 $38 $50 NA   
1 Hour $43 $52 $65 $86 $108
 1 1/2 Hour $65 $78 $93 $112 $130


10 & Under Tennis

The 10 and under tennis program at Genesis Health Clubs focuses on making the game of tennis fun, with equipment, rules and court sizes just right for the players at different levels of development. The balls bounce lower, and do not travel fast through the air. They are also easier to hit. Racquets are sized for small hands and courts are smaller and easier to cover. Using this format yields immediate benefits within a short time. The players are soon rallying and excited to keep playing.

At Genesis Health Clubs we believe in developing the player from a young age and our tennis pros have been specifically trained to implement creative and fun 10 and under tennis lessons.


Performance Orange (Invitation Only)

This group is for those that are ready for a bigger challenge and who show strong ability and interest in tennis, we offer performance orange. This group of players use the orange ball and plays on the 60 court. Participation is by invitation only. The program includes 20 minutes of skills development in addition to a match play on Saturday. To be part of this group players have its commit to more than twice a week of practice. Players are prepared to play in individual and team format using the USTA approved format for this age, the 4-game set. Players are prepared to competition USTA 10 and under events and junior team tennis.


Red Balls

This curriculum is for players 4-7 years. Red ball players play with USTA approved compression balls. The focus of these classes is to develop proper technique and learning simple tactics. Players are introduced to the modified scoring system.


Orange Balls

This Curriculum is for players 7-10 years that have graduated from the red balls class or are new to the game of tennis. Orange ball player’s play on a 60 lined court. Classes meet three times a week for 1 hour. The class focuses on more advanced technique and tactics. The goal of this class is to prepare players for a full sized court by the end of the program.


GFFT Junior Tennis Camp Series

A series of tennis lesson clinics for kids have been scheduled for four weeks scheduled in June and July. Genesis teaching professionals and staff will teach tennis basics to youngsters ranging in age 6 to 15 for several hours per day. The opening week of play will feature learning stroke and game fundamentals for kids, who will for the first time hold a racquet and play on an indoor court. Clinics will take place at Rock Road, West Central and Salina locations. For more information contact Lacey Mills at 316-634-3112.

GFFT has the expectation to reach as many as 250 or more kids from the neighborhood and local community by mid-summer. The charitable organization encourages families to become active in tennis as well as  being involved in other improved health and fitness programs. Click here to download the registration form!


Genesis Foundation for Fitness and Tennis

GFFT (pronounced “gift”) is an acronym that stands for Genesis Foundation for Fitness & Tennis, a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) foundation formed in 2006 by Genesis Health Clubs. Though Genesis is the creator of GFFT, the Foundation is guided by an independent, volunteer Board of Directors from all sectors of the community.


GFFT was founded on the premise that physical activity improves quality of life, and when begun at an early age, physical activity offers healthy habits that may result in lifelong benefits in health and well-being.


For more information on becoming a member of GFFT or to donate to their cause go to GenesisFoundationWichita.com.


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