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The Metcalf Super Sport Personal Training Department is here to get you the results you want!  We are a very diversified and qualified staff giving us a wide spectrum of client goals to work towards. We want our members to have the best personal training experience possible and create a valuable and lasting relationship for better fitness and health. We are fitness enthusiasts who take great pride in helping others towards their individual fitness goals. Please reach out to any of our certified personal trainers to get started on your customized fitness program today!

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Our Mission

Take charge of your health.  Team up with Genesis Health Clubs.  We will listen to your needs, give you that extra motivation, work with you every step of the way.  Our certified, highly trained staff is here for you.  We will develop a lifestyle that will change your life forever.  Together, we can do it!

Our Commitment

To uphold our mission and be with you “every step of the way”.  Genesis Fitness Advisors and Certified Personal Trainers work together to give you the best exercise experience in the Midwest.  Our trainers will end each training appointment by scheduling another appointment.  You will receive guidance on your fitness program throughout your entire membership at Genesis Health Clubs.


The Process

1.    Fitness Assessment

A Genesis Fitness Advisor will introduce you to the program on your first visit to the club.  This includes a Fitness Assessment analyzing exercise habits, history, and enthusiasm. Our Fitness Advisors will also acquire current physiological data including anatomical measurements, cardiovascular fitness level, and fitness goals.

2.    First Workout and Programming Session

The Genesis Personal Training Coordinator (Head Trainer) will guide you through your first workout session.  This workout consists of a 30 minute personal training session with one of the leaders in the fitness industry.  At the completion of the workout, the PT Coordinator will meet with you for a “Programming Session”.  In this meeting you will receive a personal prescription of how you will best utilize the club.

3.    Individual Exercise Program (IEP) Session

Although we encourage each member to utilize our highly trained staff, there are workouts in the club that each member will do individually.  This session is designed to implement those activities and/or exercises for the individual member.

4.    2-Week Follow Up Session

For those member who do not utilize the guidance of our industry leading Certified Personal Trainers, we schedule a two week follow-up session to ensure the programming that was laid out by the Personal Training Coordinator has been implemented.  This session includes a 30 minute personal training session by a trainer and a review of the program.

5.    4-Week Reassess / Reprograms

For the duration of your membership our Certified Personal Trainers will meet every 4-6 weeks to reassess your progress and make adjustments to your exercise programs.  This session will consist of a 30 minute personal training session and a review of the program.

Personal Training in Overland Park

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