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Cancer Wellness Membership

What is the Cancer Wellness Membership at Miramont by Genesis?

Sore muscles from a hard leg day workout is nothing compared to the challenges that people living with cancer face daily. Miramont by Genesis wants to do what we can to ease the challenges of fighting cancer by offering a complimentary membership to those recently diagnosed with cancer, going through treatment, or who have undergone treatment in the past two years. You don’t fight cancer without support, so this free membership offer also extends to one of your biggest cheerleader.

Exercise as Medicine

At Miramont, we believe that exercise can be some of the best medicine – especially for people living with cancer. Research from the National Cancer Institute indicates that, “physical activity may have beneficial effects for several aspects of cancer survivorship–specifically, weight gain, quality of life, cancer recurrence or progression, and prognosis(likelihood of survival).”

The American Cancer Society also highly recommends physical activity when undergoing cancer treatment. Benefits include improved blood flow (which reduces risk of blood clots), reduced risk of heart disease, less nausea, lower risk of being anxious or depressed, and lessened symptoms of fatigue. All in all, staying active throughout your battle with cancer will improve your quality of life!

At Miramont by Genesis, we want you to feel comfortable and confident exercising, regain strength, and become part of a great active community.

Cancer Wellness Membership includes

  • Access to all four Miramont by Genesis facilities for six months
  • Access to all four facilities for one friend/ family member for six months
  • Two introductory fitness consultations with a wellness professional
  • Member rates for Miramont by Genesis services

In addition to these benefits, we also offer additional programs to help you feel safe exercising. Our top recommendation for new members facing a cancer diagnosis is to join our p.r.e.p. program before enrolling in their Cancer Wellness Membership.

Why p.r.e.p. with my Cancer Wellness Membership?

p.r.e.p. is a 60-day physician-referred exercise program that will introduce you to exercise through meetings with physiologists and fitness professionals on a weekly basis. p.r.e.p. provides pre- and post-body composition testing, biometric testing (blood pressure and heart rate) and a well-being questionnaire. It also designs an exercise program that best fits each participant’s current fitness level and limitations. It is perfect for people prior to getting the Cancer Wellness Membership to develop a consistent and monitored exercise routine and feel comfortable in a club environment. Once their p.r.e.p. membership is completed (60 days), members can easily transition into the Cancer Wellness Membership with a plan in place.


How do I get started?

  • Receive a note from your physician that prescribes a “Cancer Wellness Membership” (or p.r.e.p.)
  • Bring the prescription to any of our four Miramont by Genesis locations. Please bring your friend/ family member that you would like to add to your membership.
  • At the front desk, ask to speak with a Membership Advisor.
  • A Membership Advisor can help you with any questions you have about your membership.
  • Once you are in our system, you can come into the facilities as much as you like!



“Following my cancer treatment, my doctor recommended the Miramont Cancer Wellness program for me. By participating and having regular exercise and workouts, I am feeling better, have less fatigue and greater strength. After the intense schedule of treatment, it has been wonderful to have the Cancer Wellness membership be a new focus for me. My doctors tell me that I have healed up very well because of my exercise and healthy lifestyle, and that I am at very low risk of a recurrence. Thank you to Miramont and all the staff, who have been supportive and encouraging, for helping me to get into better shape than I was before my cancer diagnosis!

– Elizabeth


For questions about our Cancer Wellness Membership, please contact Lindsay Randall at 970.672.4780 or lrandall@miramontlifestyle.com 

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