Member Club Closure Update

Dear Genesis Health Clubs Members,

I never imagined in over 30 years in the fitness industry that we would ever end up in a situation like this. We will come together and rise to a better version of ourselves!

To our members, I am so sorry that you’re not able to come into the club and do your workouts. I know it is driving you crazy as it is driving us crazy! We’re working hard to give you options while you’re out of the club and also to get the clubs open for you as soon as possible. You are the reason we exist and we will be here for you every step of the way. Stay strong and stay fit. Please try some of our on-line classes, we have to keep moving and this time will pass soon – stay active, it will help build your immune system and keep that positive attitude! In a few short days of closure, we have launched Genesis Go, an online content hub delivering daily live classes, workout-of-the-day blogs, general health and fitness blogs, and a library of pre-recorded, on-demand videos for you to stay healthy and in shape while you’re away from the clubs. To access this content and see live schedules, simply go to the Genesis Go section of our website.

We are dedicated to your health and fitness and we are working nonstop to serve our members and staff during these unprecedented times.
We understand that you will have many questions about your membership, how our staff has been impacted, and when you may be able to return to the club. Though circumstances are constantly changing, we have compiled all of the answers we are able to provide in a FAQ format below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Are My Favorite Personal Trainers, Group Exercise Instructors, and Other Club Personnel Doing During This Difficult Time?
Staff is Family at Genesis Health Clubs. When we closed the clubs, we had to make the difficult decision to furlough approx. 4,000 employees. This was by far the most difficult situation we have ever faced in over 30 years at Genesis; many of these team members have been with us for over 25 years. That day, we made a commitment that we would fight to do whatever we could to bring them back as quickly as possible. Though we closed on March 17th, we were able to make sure all team members still received a payroll check on April 1st.

Our executive team and regional leadership who have not been furloughed have all agreed to work on significant compensation reductions during this temporary closure. Our owner is working with employees who incur a hardship during this trying time, offering support and assistance when needed.

Thankfully, we have been able to avoid any permanent layoffs so far, opting for furloughs, which allow our team members to keep their health and retirement benefits (which we will maintain at all costs for them), and be secure in the knowledge that they will have a job when we reopen. This also enabled them to immediately collect unemployment benefits, as well as benefits included in the federal stimulus packages that were recently passed.

These are your neighbors, friends, family, and members of our community. They take their kids to the same schools, volunteer, go to church, and contribute to the communities they live in, and they are crucial for the community in our clubs. Now every single day is a tireless mission to reopen as soon as safe and possible to get them working again. They will be there, smiling and greeting you when we are able to reopen the clubs.

What is Genesis Health Clubs Doing to Keep the Clubs Safe Upon Return?
We were able to keep many key staff on board still in order to deep clean each and every club, and finish key maintenance projects. Expect to return to a shiny, clean club with freshly tuned equipment.

In addition, we have formed a Coronavirus Task Force to keep on top of the latest developments and how they impact our clubs and industry. We have acquired new, upgraded cleaning products, and have developed new protocols to ensure that every piece of equipment is disinfected before and after use by all personal trainers, and “spray down rounds” will be performed by team members at least five times per day in every club. We have also developed new policies to prevent any staff or members who may be symptomatic from coming into the club. The task force is busy, constantly evaluating additional steps to keep you safe as we prepare to reopen.

Will I be Charged Dues While the Clubs are Closed?
Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, guidance and orders from federal, state, and local health officials have necessitated that we close all Genesis Health Clubs locations. While we are able to keep delivering online content, the clubs will remain closed until we are given the green light by the appropriate officials. All members will receive several options for how to receive a prorated dues credit in return for the days we were closed. See the link at the bottom of this page for your options.

Roughly half of our members pay their dues on the 15th of each month and the other half pay on the 1st or early in the month. Following the early April billing, we have billed every member one time, and only one time, since the closures have happened. With all of our members having been billed once since the closures, we feel that all of our members have been treated consistently. In addition, with all our members having been billed one time since the closures, the administration of our prorated credit system will be significantly simplified, reducing the potential for errors and confusion. Should the clubs be closed for longer than anticipated, you will not be charged membership dues again until the club reopens. If you were drafted on March 15th or in April that will be your only payment until we open and all members will have the same prorated credit options available to them. See the link at the bottom of this page for your options on how the credit for your unused days may be applied.

What if I Pay my Membership in Full?
We will simply add the unused time to the end of your membership, equal to the same number of days your club was closed.

What About Other Recurring Charges for Services Like Personal Training and Tennis?
For any ancillary services already billed, your credits will be available to use as soon as the club reopens. We have paused all billing for other recurring services like Personal Training. Billing will not resume until the clubs reopen.

What about Paid Events that Were Cancelled Due to the Club Closures?
You will receive a full refund for any one-time-only events that were cancelled due to the closures.

What Happens to my G-Perks Points?
Great news! All your G-Perks points will be in your account for you to use throughout the closure, and you will be able to begin earning them again as soon as the club reopens. Even better, you can now earn G-Perks points for completing Genesis Go virtual fitness classes. See the Genesis Go section of our website for details.

How Can I Help?
Opting to pay your dues as normal helps us maintain the cashflow necessary in order to continue to pay staff that has been retained and prepare to bring the rest of our staff back in full immediately when we reopen.

We have also set up a gateway where you can contribute directly to a staff member important to you. These funds will go 100% and directly to the employee specified. See more information in the link below.

What if I Have Other Questions or Concerns?
As of April 1st, we will be bringing back more employees to staff our call center to handle your questions and concerns. They can be reached at

Stay healthy and stay safe. We will see you soon.
Yours in Health,

Rodney Steven II

What are my Options for Prorated Dues and also to Help Affected Team Members?

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