Genesis Health Clubs Announces New Oak View Health Club Location in Omaha Nebraska

Friday, December 20 2019 5:17 PM

The 46,500 square foot new facility, located at 3125 Oak View Drive, Omaha NE 68144 will feature strength and cardio equipment, a modern functional training turf area, Yoga and Cycle studios, Group Exercise studio, full basketball court, boxing, 4-lane lap pool, hot tub, child care, Sauna/Steam Room, full towel service, and trendy All-American Training heart rate monitored HIIT program.


(Omaha, NE) –Fresh off its recent expansion to 50 health club locations in six states, Genesis Health Clubs today announced a new luxury health club to be built in Southwest Omaha, Nebraska. Dubbed Genesis Health Clubs – Oak View, the location will feature all the upscale amenities expected at a new Genesis Health Clubs location, as well as several unique and cutting-edge fitness trends.

Located at 3125 Oak View Drive in a former Dick’s Sporting Goods location, the club will be a replacement and major enhancement for the leased 144th and F location, located at 4007 145th Plaza, just 1.4 miles away.

Genesis Health Clubs Owner/President Rodney Steven II gave insight into the change. “We generally own our Genesis locations, so that we can constantly upgrade our facilities. Sometimes through the acquisition process, we end up with a leased facility, which can sometimes work out really well. With 144th and F, we ultimately weren’t able to make updates, but at the new Oak View location, we’ll be building exactly what our customers have requested, right from the beginning.”

Steven continued, “This one will really be the best possible situation for our members. They’ll get a brand-new club, but they’ll have all seven in Omaha, including the 144th & F location to use while it’s being constructed. Remodeling always results in a better long-term outcome, but it can cause some inconveniences during the construction process. We get to skip that part here, and the construction will move faster as a result. It’s the best of both worlds. Plus, we’re going into a huge building with high ceilings, so we’re planning a really cool mezzanine design to make everything feel really modern, open, and spacious.”

Asked about the amenities, Steven’s enthusiasm grew, “This one really has everything. A luxurious aquatics area with hot tub and steam rooms/saunas, towel service, basketball, tons of group exercise, boxing… it’s a lot. We’ll also have a huge turf area for functional training; this is one of the most popular things we’ve been adding in recent years. It’s crazy how much use those areas get. Then of course, there’s All-American Training.”

Steven continued. “We added All-American Training to the remodel of our Cass location, and it’s taken off so well that we knew we needed another in Omaha. What makes it so special is that it’s a high-tech heart-rate monitored interval program. You can see your progress right up there on screen as you burn calories and build up a huge afterburn afterwards. It’s challenging and fun, and we can’t wait to bring it to more of our members.”

Asked about the timetable for construction, Steven sounded optimistic. “It’s a little soon to give an exact date, but we expect this to move very fast. The blueprints are finished, the building is ours, and we don’t have to phase construction around an existing club. Omaha is going to have a wonderful new health club for the community before they know it.”


Member Letter

Dear 144th and F Members:

I am extremely excited to announce that we are beginning construction on a new luxury health club, Genesis Health Clubs Oak View, located at 3125 Oak View Drive. The new club will be a replacement and major enhancement for 144th and F members, with upgraded finishes, features, and amenities, just for you.

This new 46,500 square foot facility will feature state of the art strength and cardio equipment, boxing, a modern functional training turf area, Yoga and Cycle studios, Group Exercise studios, a full basketball court, a 4-lane lap pool, hot tub, child care, Sauna/Steam Room, full towel service, and the ever-trendy, All-American Training heart rate monitored HIIT program.

More details will be forthcoming on exact timetables, but we expect things to move swiftly, as blueprints are finished and we now own the building. As construction progresses, you will have access to all seven locations in Omaha, including the 144th and F location, as always.

If you are currently training with a personal trainer, your trainer will be available at the Oak View location once it opens, and you’ll see the same friendly faces from both the Personal Training and Group Exercise departments at the Oak View location.

We can’t wait to show you the new and improved location at Oak View. As always, we wish you good health and fitness.

Happy 2020, Genesis members!
Yours In Health,
Rodney L Steven II



Q. When will construction start?
A. The blueprints have already been drawn up and the building is ours, so we should have construction
underway very soon.

Q. While the construction happens, where will I go to work out?
A. All members have access to all seven locations around Omaha, including the 144th and F location
while construction for Oak View occurs.

Q. What will the new location have?
A. Oak View will feature top of the line strength and cardio equipment, boxing, Yoga and Cycle studios,
Group Exercise studios, a luxurious aquatics area with a hot tub, sauna/steam rooms, a full
basketball court, child care, full towel service, and the All-American Training HIIT program.

Q. Will my rates change?
A. No, your current rates will remain exactly the same.

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