Nutrition Services at Genesis Health Clubs

Genesis Health Club has a new nutritionist on board!  She is a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in dietetics.  Nutrition and fitness have always been a big part of her life and she hopes to carry that over to you!

Let Genesis be your partner in working toward a healthy lifestyle that incorporates both physical activity and healthy eating patterns.  Genesis offers both nutrition classes and one-on-one nutrition consultation services to help you incorporated healthy nutrition practices into your wellness program.


Individual Nutrition Packages:
Meet one-on-one with a dietitian to help you work toward your goals.
•    Two, 30-minute sessions and four, 15-minute sessions- Cost: $140.00
•    Six, 15-minute sessions- Cost: $120.00
•    Three, 30-minute sessions- Cost: $90.00
•    One, 1-hour session- Cost: $60.00
•    One, 30-minute session- Cost: $30.00
•    One, 15- minute sessions- Cost: $20.00


Group Nutrition Package:

Join a friend and help support each other in your weight loss efforts.  This package is for two people.
•    Three, 1-hour sessions
Cost: $90.00 per person, or total of $180.00 for two people. 
Sessions will be scheduled together.


Fitness and Nutrition Package:

•    Three, 1-hour sessions with a personal trainer
•    One, 30 minute session and two, 15-minute sessions with a dietitian

•    Level one trainer and dietitian: $230.50
•    Level two trainer and dietitian: $259.00
•    Level three trainer and dietitian: $275.50


Register at the front desk for appointments. Payment is due at registration. For more information contact Carla Campbell at


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