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Spine Zone


  • Burn 500-1000 Calories in a 60 minute Class!

Here´s how Spin Zone works...

Before the class, club member picks up a numbered heart rate transmitter from the instructor, and registers for the class. For our launch, this will be done ahead of time and the information that you fill in to reserve your bike will be in the system and a transmitter will be all ready for you! This attaches to a chest strap which will be available for you to use in class, and worn during each Spin Zone session.

During the class, the instructor can see member’s heart rate and advise them through-out the session – just like having a personal trainer of your own. Watch your heart rate during class and see how hard you are working!

At the end of the class the screen shows a summary of your workout; average heart rate, maximum heart rate, calories, and the time spent in the different colored training zones during class. This gives tangible results that can be used to improve or maintain fitness in future sessions.

And after the class, an email will be sent to participating members including a detailed training report, highlighting calories burned, time spent in each heart rate zone and the training benefit of the workout session. This can be customized to advertise club services such as personal training or special promotions to the club members.

Going to a group exercise will never be the same again. Polar Group Fitness at Genesis allows results to be seen a lot quicker. The instructor can follow the participants’ performance and let them know when to work harder or when to ease off. Instead of judging a workout by how tired they feel or how much their muscles ache, now your club members can be sure they’re working at the right intensity to get fitter, quicker.

»» A personalized workout helping club members to improve their fitness
»» Gives instant feedback on training
»» Helps to stay motivated and keeps the exercise fresh. 



  • 05:15 AMCardio/Strength Intervals 45  Room 1
  • 08:30 AMGroup Active®  Room 1
  • 05:30 PMUltimate Conditioning  Room 1


  • 05:15 AMGroup Power®  Room 1
  • 08:30 AMGroup Power®  Hutchinson
  • 09:30 AMSimply Stretch 60  Room 2
  • 05:30 PMCycle  Cycling
  • 05:30 PMGroup Fight®  Room 1
  • 06:30 PMBoot Camp  Room 1


  • 05:15 AMCardio/Strength Intervals 45  Room 1
  • 08:30 AMCardio/Strength Intervals 60  Room 1
  • 05:30 PMUltimate Conditioning  Room 1
  • 05:30 PMGroup Centergy®  Room 2
  • 06:30 PMHip Hop Dance  Room 1


  • 05:15 AMGroup Power®  Room 1
  • 08:30 AMGroup Blast®  Hutchinson
  • 09:30 AMSimply Stretch 60  Room 2
  • 05:30 PMStrength 60  Room 1


  • 05:15 AMCardio/Strength Intervals 45  Room 1
  • 08:30 AMCardio Dance  Room 1


  • 08:00 AMGroup Fight®  Room 1
  • 08:00 AMCycle  Cycling
  • 09:00 AMGroup Power®  Room 1


  • 01:00 PMGroup Centergy®  Room 2

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