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Storm Swim School

Saw Mill Club offers numerous children’s swim programs to keep your kids confident and safe in the pool.

Registration opens 2 weeks before each new scheduled session and closes once the session starts.

For more information outside of the open registration times, please contact our Aquatics Director:

Water Babies: Age 6 months - 3 years

A half-hour of fun for both parent and baby/tot.

The parent will be instructed on appropriate holds, safety skills, and creative how-to's of getting your baby more water-friendly.

This class is a mix of songs, safety skills, and the beginnings of forward and backward movement. Bubbles and jumps are also introduced.

Primary Skills 1: Age 3 to 5

An enthusiastic time for tots to expend energy, our goal is to increase comfort levels and reinforce age-appropriate safety skills.

Bubbles, barbells, and kickboards will be introduced to enforce forward propulsion and strengthen kicking.  Back float, forward propulsion, freedom to use arms and jumps are all features for participating at this level.

Once participants are able to doggie paddle, put their faces in the water, and back float, they can move on to Primary Skills 2.

Primary Skills 2: Age 4 to 7

At this level, the fundamentals of alternating back floating and treading water are taught. Barbells and kickboards will be used to aid in developing a proper kick and freestyle overarm recovery.

Getting comfortable with underwater play and then progressing to forward movement with a swimmers face in the water are key elements in this level. Back float and then progression to the use of one’s arms in backstroke are introduced.

Primary Skills 3: Age 5 to 9

If your child can swim freestyle breathing to the front or side half the distance of the pool AND swim backstroke half the distance of the pool, they are ready to join our Level 3 class.

We continue to develop side breathing and refining strokes while also building endurance to swim the whole length of the pool. Kickboards will replace noodles and barbells, treading water, side-rhythmic breathing and backstroke are also taught at this level.

Stroke Readiness: Age 6 to 10

After successfully completing a length of the pool (25 yards) in good freestyle form, rhythmic breathing with alternate breathing becomes stronger as full laps with over-arm extension are perfected.

Freestyle drills, kicking and balancing drills, streamlining, and backstroke are all perfected at this level.

Stroke Development: Age 7 to 11

In this level, freestyle and backstroke will be fine-tuned, and bilateral breathing will be perfected. Breaststroke and Butterfly kicks and drills will be introduced.

By the end of this class, each student should have a working knowledge of all four strokes, as well as be able to dive from the side of the pool, with progression to the racing block.

Stroke Refinement/Clinic: Age 7 to 13

In this level, all four competitive strokes are being fine-tuned and refined so participants swim them with ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness. Along with stroke perfection, we will work more intently on starts and turns.

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