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Miramont North CrossFit
Miramont North CrossFit
Miramont North CrossFit
Miramont North CrossFit
Miramont North CrossFit
Miramont North CrossFit
Miramont North CrossFit

CrossFit Programs


Our Corporate CrossFit program consists of privately reserved classes designed to help companies pursue a healthy, productive, and energizing culture through fitness. Our Corporate CrossFit program provides employees with expert coaching and facilitates teamwork & camaraderie, helping create a tight-knit culture that positively affects the workplace environment.

We offer a variety of classes that can meet your company's needs! Please get in touch with Nate Seitz for more information: nseitz@genesishealthclubs.com.



CrossFit is individually tailored and custom exercises, fun for all ages or fitness levels within a group class. Our MMaster'sathletes CrossFit members have proven that age is merely a number and consistently show up in each class to tackle the workout. 

We offer classes on Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 9:00 am. Come in and try one for free!


Testimonials from our Master Athletes

"I can't express how much my month-long visit to Miramont has affected me. I felt much better and missed the workouts so much that I found a gym here [Ohio] that seems to have goals similar to yours. To my surprise, I joined because I wanted to -not because of guilt. Friends are beginning to notice because of lost weight and greater mobility. I feel so much better and am off of most of my meds. This only happened because you- Jorine and Justin and Lisa-thought I could do it and kept encouraging me even though I doubted it. You may not realize it, but you are changing lives. Thanks so much.

PS–this gym has a Paleo Challenge once a year! I'm ALL about that!"

- Kathy DeBord


"I am 56 years old, five feet two inches tall, and spent much of my life weighing over three hundred pounds. About ten years ago, I had gastric bypass surgery, but the thought of a group exercise class brought up only memories of judgment and frustration. It was impossible to believe I would attend one, much less enjoy it. The CrossFit MMasters'Class at Miramont helped push me to new fitness levels—with no judgment and tons of support. It is also incredibly challenging and makes me grateful every day I can participate to the max of my current abilities.

The CrossFit MMasters'Class at Miramont has changed my perception of what group exercise looks like. It looks like me."

- Donna Cooner, author of SKINNY


For any further questions, please get in touch with Coach Nate Seitz: nseitz@genesishealthclubs.com.

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