Goddard Construction Update

Thursday, March 26 2020 5:43 PM

Update 6-10-2021

Got some drone-view, eye-candy photos for our members! Check out how far we've come in our multimillion-dollar Goddard construction project! Can't wait for opening day? Neither can we! Check back for more exciting details on Goddard, coming soon.

Update 5-19-2021

The hotel's first floor has been framed and enclosed, with more levels coming soon!  How cool is that?

Meanwhile, construction continues to speed along on the water park; look for more updates coming soon! It won't be long until you can play and stay in Goddard!

Update 4-12-2021

The hotel of our new Genesis Goddard location is being framed up! Excited? We are too! Stay tuned for more awesome updates coming soon! 

Update 4-7-2021

Things are really coming along at our highly-anticipated Goddard location! Ceilings, flooring, exterior, and interior!

We can't wait to show you the finished product. Check back soon! We'll have more exciting details for you!

Update 2-19-2021

It’s freezing outside, but we’re still working to bring you the best gym experience in town! Get excited and stay tuned Kansas. More details coming soon!

Update 1-19-2021

The flooring has started for the new hotel at our Goddard hotel and waterpark! You read that right, the HOTEL at our new location has officially broken ground! Ready to stay and play in the biggest indoor waterpark for at least 3 hours in any direction? Check back soon, as we'll have more exciting details waiting for you. 

Update 1-05-2021

New Year, a new construction update! The roof is going on and lots of plumbing has been installed at our new Genesis Health Clubs location and waterpark in Goddard, Kansas! Ready for beautiful, spacious, and luxurious locker rooms? We sure are!

As construction continues, major hype for the new location continues to build as well! We can't wait to show you around. More construction updates coming soon.

Update 12-14-2020

Your first look at the Genesis Goddard swim-up bar is below! The swim-up bar is just one of the many fun and unique features being built for the Midwest's largest Waterpark and Natatorium. This week's sneak peek also features steel framing is going up for the brand new Genesis Health Clubs location... We’re one step closer to completing this highly-anticipated, multi-million dollar construction project!

Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon on other awesome waterpark features, including the official name and theme!

Update 12-3-2020

Steel for Genesis Health Clubs Goddard is being erected NOW! Just look at how this building is really taking off and moving right along. The pool for the largest Waterpark and Natatorium in the entire Midwest is being dug inside... How exciting is that? We can't wait to show the finished product to our new members! More updates coming soon. Stay tuned!


Update 11-24-2020

This just in! Our new Goddard location is coming along bit by amazing bit! The concrete inside has been poured and more steel is going up on the outside. We are so excited to welcome new members to the newest addition of the Genesis Health Clubs family. Genesis Goddard will be the largest, most luxurious club in town. Are you ready? 

Update 9-29-2020

The pavement is down. We repeat: the pavement is fully DOWN! Just another step closer to construction completion. Who knew one could be so excited to see all that asphalt? Can't wait for the grand opening of Genesis Health Clubs Goddard? We are right there with you! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Update 9-22-2020

Yep! That roof and asphalt are looking pretty good, wouldn't you agree? Tons of parking spots will be available for our newcomers and new members! Lots of parking means no missed group exercise class time, trying to find a decent spot. The roof looks solid. Things sure are coming together here at Genesis Health Clubs Goddard. Ready for more? We are too!

Update 9-14-2020

A blue roof is now on the aquatics part of our Genesis Health Clubs Goddard location! Ready for the best aquatics, the best gym experience in town? We are too! Stay tuned to this page as we bring more exciting updates on this brand new club! 

Update 9-8-2020

New things are POURING in Goddard! The first health club pad is being poured and roof materials are being installed. In addition, the curb for the parking lot is in for the hotel and club.  Tick...tock...more exciting things to come! Check back soon!  

Update 8-25-2020

The roof is fully on! Plus, the footings are in and the shape of the health club is fully visible. Look for steel in the air soon! We are so excited and amazed by how quickly these things come together. Ready for some fun? Check back soon, as we bring you more updates.



Update 8-14-2020

The roof continues to go on and the footings have been poured for the health club in front. Soon steel will be in the air and the new Genesis location will begin to take shape!


Update 5-6-2020

The walls are completely up and ceiling joists are going in! Soon we’ll begin to dig seven different pools for the waterpark and natatorium. Get ready for some serious fun!

Update 3-26-2020

Update 1/29/2020



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