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Personal Trainer of the Month- June 2016

Wednesday, May 25 2016 2:10 PM
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Personal Trainer of the Month: Steven Goldstein

Personal trainers have the power to make or break their clients goals. Steven understands that before he starts any program with anyone, he sits down with them and listens to their goals, then finds the best way to get them to succeed.


I'm from Long Island, New York and I am the youngest of three children. As a child you couldn’t get me to stand still for more than a few seconds. My mother told me I was always driving her crazy because I always busy doing something. For this reason, I started playing sports at a very young age and never looked back. Athletics was my life growing up. I played soccer, football, baseball, basketball and anything you could think of. That being said, of all these sports it was baseball and basketball that I excelled at. When I was in middle school I was fortunate enough to play point guard for my towns high school team. In baseball, I found myself becoming one of the best players in my area. Eventually, I chose to pursue baseball in college. Thus, for the past five years I was a division one athlete at two universities. I started my career at Stony Brook University where in 2012 I was named a Freshman All-American and played in the College World Series. In 2013, I transferred to the University of Kansas to finish my college baseball career. It is through all the experiences in Kansas that I feel I really grew up and became the person I am today.


I became a personal trainer in September 2015 while I was still playing division one baseball at the University of Kansas. I would wake up at 5am every morning to train, then by 12pm go to practice and then at 7pm come back to Genesis and train again. A lot of people thought I was crazy for doing what I was doing and I don't blame them for thinking the way they did. The thing that motivated me to do what I did and do to this day is that face when one of my clients does something they thought they weren't capable of. The greatest joy I get out of doing what I do is the text I get from a client/friend 5 minutes after leaving the gym saying "thank you for pushing me and never letting me give up." At the end of the day that makes it all worth it!


I wouldn't say I have a distinct training style. With every individual being unique in their own way, it varies on an individual basis. One thing I do take pride in each day is to motivate my clients. There are things that happen each day that we can and cannot control. One thing we can control is the thirty to sixty minutes that we have together. Therefore, I do all I can to remind my client of their goals and what their working so hard for. With the constant reminders it helps flush the distractions during our time together and keeps them motivated to succeed.

“I have worked with Steve for several months now. I was not interested in using a personal trainer originally. I tried it and in his particular case, my opinion changed. I don't have free time and have been amazed at the results he helps achieve in what little time I can carve out. For me the economy of time and quality of workout I receive is truly priceless. The results I have felt have been substantial, especially given my limited time. He has a commitment to the people he works with and tailors each workout to the person and what they need at the time. He is not scared to push you, but not scared to rest you either. My physical health is essential to my work, and Steve plays a perfect line of pushing forward without impairing my abilities. I appreciate his passion and dedication to his clients as individual people. I would consider him a tradesman, who has worked to be the best at his craft and take pride in what he puts out.” -Tyler Vazquez-Barry


The most common mistakes a client makes would have to be being afraid to fail. Many people I work with get down and disappointed when they fail. While, I actually get excited when they fail! It shows me that the person is ready to push their limits and do whatever it takes to succeed. Everyone falls down. Some spend hours, days and even years on the ground. But the amount of time spent on the ground doesn’t matter. What does matter is the time you decide you’ve had enough and get up. We are all capable of more when we steer our mind and heart on achievement. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of all time said, "you never fail until you stop trying". If we could all go at fitness with that mentality, we'd never lose!


There are many things we can’t control. The one thing I can control is the amount of enthusiasm I bring to work each day. As each session approaches, I make it a mission of mine to be as enthusiastic as I possibly can so that my client can get excited about our session. I strongly believe enthusiasm is contagious and the more I act enthusiastic, the more my clients become energized and excited for the session.



Before I start any program with anyone, we sit down, lay out their goals and find the best way to get them there. In order for me to give them the best opportunity to succeed, there are times where I ask a ton of questions so I can learn who they are, what's holding them back and what will work specifically for them. I guess at times you can compare it to what a psychologist would do with a patient but I have never viewed it that way. I see the relationship more as a friend reaching out and trying to help another friend. I make it clear to all my clients that there will be numerous challenges they will face over our journey. Some will come during our sessions and many will come in life. I make sure all my clients know that I am always their form them and that our relationship extends beyond the sessions we have together.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

"I moved to Kansas 6 years ago and at the time I was in the best shape of my life. I moved here for a job and as my career took off my lifestyle started to change. I was working more, commuting more, stressing more, working out less and eating out more. In addition, I have had several injuries that seemed to squash any momentum that I was able ever to get. A couple of knee surgeries and bad habits later I found myself up 60lbs and lost on how to get back to feeling like me. That is where Steve comes in, all my attempts had failed for years and I was now so intimidated to walk into a gym that I knew I needed help and accountability. I didn’t want to get hurt again and I knew that I was going to need someone meeting me at the door if I was going to show up at 5am, the only time I could consistently make it to the gym.

Steve and I started working together in September 2015 and right away I started feeling better. He works me very hard. I used to think that I worked out hard but he showed me a completely different level and right away I started to see a difference. He knows exactly what I need and how hard to push me. I walk out every time exhausted but so happy with myself that it doesn’t matter. I have never seen this much improvement without getting injured. He has helped me gain back the confidence that I needed to go to the gym by myself and most of all he helped me find my passion for fitness again.

8 months in and I am a different person. I have gone from avoiding stairs and long walks due to knee pain to craving new ways to be active. I can go to the school carnival with the kids, the dog park with the dogs, and even do my new favorite cardio – the stair climber without pain. I have lost 40lbs and I am much stronger than I was 6 years ago all because of Steve’s passion and dedication to help people. Everything he does he does from the heart which is why he is so successful at what he does, changing lives. LET’S GO!"
-Lisa Shrader





Group Ride & R30 July 2014 Launches On Their Way!

Friday, July 11 2014 2:06 PM
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It's time for the July 2014 Group RIde & R-30 releases!

We will present the new releases on the following days:

R-30 Monday July 14 @ 8:15AM

Group Ride Tuesday July 15 @ 6PM

Mark your calendars & come check out the new workotus! =0)