Five Tips to Practice For Better Posture

Thursday, August 31 2017 3:57 PM

We often don’t think about how our posture affects our everyday life when it comes to exercise, walking, sitting and balance. woman with good posture balancing book on headOur physical appearance and fitness goals can easily derail with bad posture. To maintain proper body alignment, strength and muscle flexibility is key. Practicing proper posture habits daily in the workplace and at home will help you acknowledge poor posture and correct it over time.

Poor posture can lead to back pain, injuries and weak postural muscles. Are there other ways to better your posture? Absolutely! Making conscious efforts to correcting your body alignment will lead to a healthier, happier body. Here are five tips to practice for better posture:

1.  Avoid Slouching

Walk as if you’re balancing a book or a glass vase on your head. Visual techniques like this can help guide your sense of proper positioning.

2. Think Tall

If you find yourself looking at the ground or your phone while walking constantly, chances are your shoulders are down too. Make sure your shoulders are pinned back and look forward. This will help you stand taller and look leaner.

3. Sit Up Straight

· If you sit at an office desk all day long, this practice is essential. Try sitting in a chair that is designed for proper support of your weight and height. If this isn’t an option, support your lumbar by rolling up a sweater or using a small pillow and placing it behind you.

· Following a long, sitting workday, try to take frequent breaks and walk around, stretch or exercise. Keep moving! This desk exercise blog provides workouts that are fun, easy and quick. Try them out and share with your friends!

· Avoid leaning forward by aligning your back with the back of the chair, keep your upper body straight.

· Keep your head upright, shoulders straight, and make sure your back and neck are aligned. Keep your feet on the ground or use a footrest if your feet can’t touch the ground.

4. Stay In Shape

· Support your body frame by exercising and training your muscles to do all of the work. Building “muscle memory” helps promote good posture naturally.

· Strengthen your core and back muscles. Every movement we make, and our balance, traces back to our core which is the powerhouse of the body. Check out our blog, Five Back-Strengthening Stretches and Exercises for lumbar and posture stabilization tips.

5. Incorporate Yoga, Barre and/or Pilates Classes Into Your Fitness Regimen

· Pilates trainingStudies show that yoga is excellent for posture and balance. Strengthening your body with yoga will help properly align your body. Genesis Health clubs offers yoga, check out class times at a club near you. Yoga classes are free with a membership!

· Barre is a full-body workout that incorporates ballet, Pilates and upbeat dance. 

· Pilates reduces strain on muscles and joints and helps with your spine flexibility while strengthening your hips, core and back. Pilates is essential for great posture.

Seeing results of any kind takes effort, time and consistency. Incorporating the tips above into your daily lifestyle can help create healthy habit-forming routines that will improve your posture for the rest of your life. Little improvements will reduce any body pain, prevent future injuries and will help you feel better and look better too.

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