Staying Healthy While Dining Out & Sticking to Your Resolution

Thursday, February 20 2020 11:43 AM
By Ellen Healy

Eating Out

Most people would agree that with Winter comes dining out and overeating. Why? Here are five reasons why.

With all those game days, holiday get-togethers, family gatherings and more, it’s safe to say that when we come together and it’s cold out, we do what’s convenient and easy, and we eat out. But with this, comes complete blind trust in your menu descriptions. And who can really say just how much butter, oil, and other delicious fats, your chef has served you?

How do you stick to your health resolutions, while out and about with your friends and family? Here are a few simple rules to save you from the hundreds of unnecessary calories you could be consuming, if not careful.

7 Tips to Stick to Your Resolution and Stay Healthy While Eating Out

1. Avoid starches and fried foods.

Here’s a no-brainer. Just skip the fried sides and sub for a side salad, fresh fruit, veggies, or broth-based soups. Your scale and conscience will thank you later for making such worthy sacrifices.

2. Resist the golden bread basket and free chips.

We’ve all been there. Your food is taking a bit, but alas! The free bread or bottomless chips are coming, to save your stomach from its hangry pleas. If you know freebies are offered, or you can see them coming your way, tell your waiter to save it for the next table. Out of sight, out of mind.

3. Skip the ever-tempting appetizers.

As good as creamy artichoke dip, buffalo wings, or buttery bruschetta all sound, these pre-meal favorites are loaded with hundreds of calories that could break your fit-life wants and dreams. Much like the free carbs in Tip 2, these before-entrée snacks are truly unnecessary, if you plan to eat a full meal at the restaurant, you’re at.

4. Portion control.

Quite often, the size of any entree at any restaurant is much more than a normal meal you’d eat at home. So, ask yourself, “Am I really this hungry? Or could I take some home and make the yummy goodness live another day?” Once the meal comes, ask your waiter for a box to go, put some or half of your meal inside it, and don’t look back. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy the rest later without guilt.

5. Slow down!

Seriously, where’s the fire? We’re all guilty of this. We inhale the food in front of us. But 10-15 minutes later, we’re clenching our stomachs and miserable, questioning how we became so full. So, skip the tummy ache and slow down! Enjoy the food, enjoy the flavors. Listen to your body, when it’s saying, “I’m full.”

6. Order the sauce and dressings on the side.

This is a tough one to adhere to, but such an easy choice to make when you really think about it. You’re not depriving yourself of the sauce/dressing your meal comes with, you’re just controlling the way it comes to you. Often time, meals are doused in too much sauce or too much dressing. This is a silent killer. So, request it on the side and use it just to taste.

7. Plan ahead of time.

If you’re out with friends and family, you may feel pressured to order something because “Why not? I’m here to enjoy myself, right? This is a special occasion… Just this one time.” It’s countless one-timers with this mentality, that lead to hours of makeup work in the gym later on. So, here’s what you do: You plan. Choose the restaurant and check out their menu ahead of time. Stick to your plan and make yourself proud. Trust us, the chicken parm will always be there for you, on a future and worthy cheat day to come.

If you hold fast to these seven tips, there’s no stopping you in the new year ahead.

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