Couples Workouts for Valentine's Day

Friday, February 12 2021 12:54 PM
By Ellen Healy

What's the saying? Couples that play together, stay together?

Paxton Noll, a certified Personal Trainer at our East Central Genesis gym in Wichita, and Gina Cole, Group Fitness Instructor, have demonstrated some dynamic duo workouts, just in time for Valentine's Day.

These workouts can be done really anywhere. So, before you head out with your Valentine for a romantic dinner or whatever activity you have planned, consider breaking a sweat first!

Workout Together this Valentines Day with this Fun Couples Workout

Leg Throwdowns

leg throwdown leg throwdown

Lay flat on the ground and grab the ankles of the person standing behind you for support. Raise your legs and have your partner "toss" them to the ground, repeating until tired!


Squat Ball Toss

squat ball toss squat ball toss

Have both people go into a squat position with their backs pressed to each other. Using a weighted ball, rotate to the side and pass the ball in a circle.


High-Five Planks

high-five planks high-five planks

Go into plank position facing each other; then without rotating your hips, reach out with one arm and give each other a high-five with alternating arms.


Partner Lunges

partner lunge partner lunge

This one is pretty self-explanatory… have both people go into a lunge position and connect opposite hands in the middle, then repeat with the other leg.


One Leg Deadlifts

one leg deadlift

Start standing and facing each other, making sure your knees are soft (not locked). Slowly bend forward and reach toward your partner's opposite hand. Repeat.


Feeling ambitious? Complete three sets of each move listed above with your sweetheart or friend in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, or Oklahoma!

Look for a Genesis near you for a free day pass!

Keep the love strong and your heart healthy this Valentine’s Day!

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