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Is your company looking to improve the health and wellness of your employees, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity? Contact our corporate membership department to learn how your company can join countless other cutting edge companies and improve your bottom line.

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The Benefits of Exercise

In today's world of infomercials, quick-result diets, and mail-order exercise machines, many people still dismiss claims about the benefits of regular exercise as commercial propaganda. Nothing could be further from the truth. Regular physical exercise has a positive impact on every person. Regular exercise enhances every facet of life - physical, emotional, and cognitive. More importantly, considerable evidence proves that being physically active can reduce the risk of contracting diseases and medical conditions.

As competition in the business world continues to increase, corporations are searching for cost-effective ways to gain the advantage over the competition. Many companies fail to invest into their most crucial asset - their employees.

By providing a corporate wellness program, companies are discovering the affordable edge over the competition. Not only are employees receiving the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, businesses are benefiting from:

•    Increased productivity
•    Improved employee morale
•    Lower absenteeism from illness
•    Lower employee turnover
•    Lower job-related stress

How can you get these benefits for your company?

Genesis Health Clubs can show you how a "total fitness" concept, integrating cardiovascular conditioning and strength training, can create a healthier and more productive workplace. Our gyms special emphasis on improving aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, body composition, flexibility, and stress reduction. Our various locations are convenient to where you live or work. Here are some key features:

Group Fitness Classes
Fifteen levels of classes offered over 200 times per week. Our group fitness classes can accommodate any workout level or busy schedule. Classes include both aerobic and weight training segments for total body conditioning.

Full-Service Facilities
Employees are offered a variety of state-of-the-art cardiovascular and resistance training equipment. Maximizes results in a safe and non-intimidating environment.


Sports Activities

Great for team building, we offer racquetball, tennis and basketball. Courts are available by reservation for group or individual play. We also offer indoor and outdoor tacks or indoor and outdoor pools, which vary by location.

Personalized Fitness Program

Our goal is to make each individual exercise program thorough, personal and educational. Every employee will receive instruction on the proper use and benefit of the equipment and facilities to ensure that they get started correctly towards accomplishing their fitness goals.

Health Risk Assessments

Genesis Health Clubs provides Health Risk Assessments that service both the employee and the employer in understanding their needs, risks and overall health. Employees will answer a set of questions designed to collect health and wellness information about the individual. Once the questionnaire is completed, each individual will get a detailed report that rates his or her health risks and make personalized recommendations about how to better manage their health. Employers will get an executive summary based on the results as a group. No individual information will be provided to the employer. Genesis will provide a testing day that employees will be able to get their height, weight, BMI, Body Fat %, blood pressure, lipid panel, and glucose or HgbA1C tested. Other available testing include Cotinine and PSA.


Contact Natasha Nicasio, Director of Corporate Sales at to inquire more about corporate memberships for your business.

Natasha Nicasio

Director of Corporate Sales

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