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McPherson Group Fitness Monthly Blog - May 2015

Wednesday, May 6 2015 4:14 PM

Hello McPherson! Below is our May Group Fitness News.

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Kayla Sides has been with Genesis McPherson since we opened in Nov. ’13. She recently just had her first baby. I have always been active in one way or another, whether playing sports, cheerleading, dancing, or running, and I have always enjoyed the fun, community, and accountability of group fitness classes of all kinds.

After graduate school, I got married, moved to McPherson and got certified to teach Zumba. I have now been teaching Zumba for about 3 years and love every second of it! Zumba can get a bad reputation as not a "real" workout, so I would challenge anyone who may wonder about it to come check it out! You may have so much fun that it doesn't feel like a workout, but the cardio and toning components give a great calorie blast!Another misconception about Zumba and other group fitness classes are that you have to look a certain way or be at a certain fitness level to participate, but that just isn't so!

God blessed me with my first child, a son, this past January, and my heart has never been so full! Not only has my life changed, but so has my body! I gained the high end of a healthy weight for a pregnancy, but stayed active throughout my whole pregnancy...attending Zumba just two days before delivering. There were times when I would feel self-conscious dancing in class with my large, round pregnant belly, but our Genesis community is so encouraging and open that I quickly got over that and enjoyed staying healthy for me and my baby.

Now I am dealing with the changes of a post-partum, "Fourth Trimester," body. I am grateful to my body and the miracle it accomplished in my pregnancy and delivery, but there are times, again, that I deal with feeling self-conscious about my softer stomach and rounder form. However, when I first came back to teaching Zumba post-baby, I was met with hugs and smiles at Genesis, and as always, we worked up a good sweat and had a great time. I share this to encourage all individuals to give group fitness classes a chance and to not allow fears or feelings of self-consciousness to get in the way of taking your health and fitness into your own hands! Group fitness classes are a great way to get in shape, stay in shape, or even discover your new shape during or after a baby!

Group Fitness Spotlight – Group Blast

Group Blast  is an energetic cardio workout using The STEP to train fitness, agility, coordination, and strength.
Group Blast is a great cardio alternative to walking, running, or stair climbing because you will do it all: walk, jog, run, jump, plyometrics, balance drills, lateral drills, and quickness drills – all on and off The STEP – to exciting energetic music. With the many exercise options and the adjustability of The STEP, intensity is easily managed so anyone, from new to exercise to an athlete in training, will feel successful.

We launched Group Blast April’15 Saturday, April 25th. Now is the perfect time to come try out Group Blast, if you haven’t already. Its motivating, fun, sporty, and inviting!! Group Blast is Thursday nights @ 5:30pm.


McPherson Group Fitness Monthly Blog - April 2015

Tuesday, April 7 2015 4:04 PM

We are ready for Spring at McPherson Genesis!!!  Next time you are in the club, ask a Group Fitness Instructor about the Spring into Summer Survivor Challenge. It is a 12 week challenge that runs from March 30th to June 21st. Even if you are a little late signing up, you can still join the challenge. It is a way to have fun, get fit, socialize, and stay accountable to your workouts through this hectic spring season!!

Our April Mossa Launch Dates

Group Ride – Saturday April 4th  @ 9am

Group Centergy – Saturday April 4th @ 10am

Group Power – Saturday April 11th @ 9am

R30 – Monday April 13th @ 5:30pm

Group Kick – Saturday April 18th @ 9am

Group Blast – Saturday April 25th @ 9am

Remember ALL MOSSA LAUNCHES are open to the public. Bring a friend to check out the class!! It is always more fun when we pack the class!

Meet One of Our Instructors!


I was born and raised in McPherson. After high school, I went to Emporia State on a softball scholarship and was national runner up my junior year J. I graduated from Emporia State with and BS in health promotion. After college, I personal trained while I was trying to figure out my career path. I then decided to go back to school and now I am a radiological technologist. My favorite part of being a group fitness instructor at Genesis is that I love being able to share my passion for health and fitness with the members and be a part of their wellness journey! 

 In my free time, I chase my 3 yr old son, Gavin, and my 1 yr old daughter, Tyler, around and hang out with my husband when time permits:). I also love gardening, being outdoors, and running! 

McPherson Group Fitness Monthly Blog - March 2015

Monday, March 2 2015 3:13 PM

Hello McPherson!!  Can spring get here soon enough?  Come on March 20th!!!  Hoping everyone has been able to stay healthy and warm this past month!!

Congratulations to Jennifer Jaggers as our new Group Fitness Coordinator!  Jen has been teaching group fitness classes at Genesis in McPherson since we opened in November of 2013.  She brings a lot of experience teaching a wide variety of classes and also has a background in Personal Training.   Welcome Jen!!

Instructor of the Month

Name: Maggie Metz

Genesis Club Location: McPherson

Genesis Instructor since: January 2014

Hometown: Marion, IN

Fitness Certifications:  Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates
Hobbies: Knitting, Reading, Baking and YOGA!!!
Personal Fitness Goal: Still be consistently practicing Yoga until the day I die!!

What do you love most about teaching Group Fitness classes at Genesis:  I love the community of Yogis I serve at Genesis! They are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met!

What classes do you teach, days and times:
                        Monday:  10:15 a.m. Gentle Yoga
                        Wednesday:  10:15 a.m. Gentle Yoga
                        Friday:  10:00 a.m. Yin Yoga

Favorite Quote: "Whatever your attention is on, that's what life is for you at any given moment." -Cindy Sanderson

Our Featured Class for March is Yin Yoga!

Yin Yoga - This is a new class that focuses on stretching the deep connective tissue in the joints. In a yin class, you will hold each pose for approximately 3 to
5 minutes. Greater range of motion due to the lengthening of the connective tissue & increased circulation in the joints are benefits of this class.Suitable for beginners & advanced students.

We offer Yin Yoga on Fridays at 10:00 a.m. in Studio A with Maggie

Please make sure you check our March Group Fitness schedule for class changes!  You can print one off our website or pick one up at the front desk!  For more information on our Group Fitness program, please contact Jennifer Jaggers at 620-245-0900.  Our new classes on this schedule are Yin Yoga on Fridays @ 10:00 a.m. and Cardio & Iron for FitLife on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 10:15 a.m.

McPherson Group Fitness Monthly Blog - February 2015

Tuesday, February 10 2015 2:26 PM

Hello McPherson!  Hoping you are experiencing a great start to your new year and continuing to pursue all of your fitness goals!

We want to give a huge shout out to Carmen!  Carmen has been a Genesis member in McPherson since we opened in November of 2013.  We asked Carmen to share her story and her 102-pound weight loss journey!  Congratulations Carmen!! 

Carmen’s Journey

Heading into my 40’s STRONG & HEALTHY

One of my first memories is getting ready for Kindergarten. My mom is helping me get dressed and she is buttoning up my pants and is so excited that they fit. “Go tell dad!.” I don’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t struggled with my weight. My parents did everything they could to help me…promised me shopping trips, even a trip to Space Camp when I thought I wanted to be an astronaut, they took me to doctors, registered me for Weight Watchers and the list goes on and on. I have tried on my own several times to lose weight, but something would always stop the process (ME!) and I would fall back into some pretty bad habits.

July 2013 was a pretty amazing month for me! I got to spend 5-½ weeks in China! I was working with a group of 13 teachers and we got to travel and teach our way through China. It was an amazing experience, but I was SO OUT OF SHAPE. The weather was so hot and humid and my excess weight just made it worse for me. If I look back on pictures from that time, I usually have a fan in front of my face because I thought a fan would HIDE all of the weight.

Coming back from China, I transitioned into a new position at a new workplace and life was crazy! I struggled finding my place in my new job and was pretty lonely. I have struggled with anxiety for several years at this point, but things had been pretty much under control…but then in October 2013 things went OUT OF CONTROL. I was having daily panic attacks, doing the very best I could to keep things under control at work, but would then just fall apart at home.

For me, walking into Genesis on November 24, 2013 was all about walking away from so many fears I had. Fear of failure, fear of “I can’ts” and even the fear of succeeding.

Stepping on the scale for that first RBT (Results Based Training) with my Genesis Personal Trainer was the scariest moment ever. To see the numbers 345 on the scale was so heart wrenching. I thought I had prepared myself for that, but honestly, you just can’t.

When I saw those numbers, I knew I had a choice to make: to give 100% to this effort of healthy living or to continue life as is. I knew deep down inside of me there was a stronger Carmen, but I also knew it was going to take  A LOT of work to get her to come out. All of my fears were so strong in that moment.

I love the show THE BIGGEST LOOSER. Normally I watched it while eating a cheeseburger and drinking Dr. Pepper. I would watch in amazement at what the contestants could accomplish. I would always say, “I could never do that!”  BUT the past two seasons I had the opportunity to watch it WHILE I was deep in figuring out this healthy living. Jillian Michaels was working with a contestant who was struggling with many FEARS…

“It’s your story and your sticking to it. You gotta tell a new story.”  “Let’s try to create some experiences here and tell a new story.

This quote has made such a big impact on my life these past several months. I WANT TO TELL A NEW STORY!

Here are some things I was pretty sure about during those first few months:
1)    I needed HELP in lots of areas  (for this independent girl it is SO hard to admit that!).
2)    This needed to be an all or nothing for me. This had to be about FOOD and EXERCISE.
3)    I needed to be OPEN to meeting people and sharing my journey and learning from other people’s journeys.

After that first RBT (Results Based Training session), I signed up for three personal training sessions with my Genesis Personal Trainer. I was scared to death that first session. I had no idea how to use any of the strength training machines, no idea how many reps to do, correct form, etc. My personal trainer really just took me by the hand and showed me what to do and how to do it and also WHY I was doing certain things. As an educator, that was really important to me. The first month of personal training he pretty much did everything right along with me! That was huge for me!

The three personal training sessions quickly turned into a weekly personal training session. I honestly can’t imagine not having a personal training session each week.  During that time, I have been able to learn how to use the equipment correctly. I have learned to PUSH through the burn and I have worked so hard on the MENTAL…my Personal Trainer asks me to do something and my first response was usually YOU ARE.CRAZY…I can’t do that. Today I look at new things as an adventure!

After a couple of weeks at Genesis, I visited with Heather and she helped me to create a plan for what Group Fitness classes to take.  I love my group fitness classes! There is something special about working with others towards the goal of being healthy. This journey for me has been so much about the wonderful people I have met and the encouragement that we can give each other as well as just living life together.

I have also found tons of support through blogs and amazing people on Instagram! Rachelle Smith’s blog “For Blogness Sakes” is one of my favorites as well as the many Instagram accounts of the “Whole 30” approach to eating and life.  For a gal that was SO very lonely, I look at my life today and tear up when I think of the amazing community I have right by me, supporting me through the highs and lows of this healthy Carmen journey!  I have to give a huge thank you to the staff at RES, to my family, to the Lorenz, Sommervilles, and Pyle families for all of their support and encouragement!

The past 14 months have been filled with tears, laughter, strength, confidence, I can’ts, and even more I can’s, 102 pounds lost, 52 inches lost overall and most importantly I feel like the NEW Carmen has started to emerge. I am much happier, more confident, and I am so much healthier! I still have a lot of fears I am working through, but the key to that statement is that “I am working on them!”

My hope for anyone who is on a new healthy journey is that you find your inner strength, that you find a confidence that you didn’t know you had, that you make some new friends, and that you are pushed by the trainers and fitness instructors. My hope is that you will look back on those first few classes and see HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME. My hope is that you have FUN during this journey.

I hope that you will be able to tell a new story with your life! One that is filled with determination, strength, kindness towards yourself, and community!

I turn 40 in just a few months and I can’t wait for the new adventures out there!

Instructor of the Month

Name: Heather Koehn

Genesis Club Location: McPherson

Genesis Instructor since: November 2013

Hometown: Parsons, Kansas

Fitness Certifications:MOSSA - Group Power, Group Blast, Group Kick, Group Ride, R30
                                    LES MILLS – BodyPump, CXWorx
                                    OTHER - R.I.P.P.E.D., Zumba, Schwinn

Hobbies: Exercise, Reading, Church, Family, Friends & Fur Babies

Personal Fitness Goal: I believe in realistic goals with realistic results!  I want to stay active and healthy for my heart, my body and my mental well being!  I achieve this by working within my fitness limitations while also pushing myself to work harder and do better where I know I can excel!  My goal is to always find and stick with fitness programs that I enjoy, that is why I take and teach Group Fitness classes!!

What do you love most about teaching Group Fitness classes at Genesis: It’s always about the members!  The friendships that are formed in group fitness classes are what makes it so fun!  I love not only how the members motivate me, but how much they motivate and care for each other!!

What classes do you teach, days and times:
                        Monday:         8:10 a.m. Group Kick and 9:00 a.m. Group Power
                        Tuesday:         8:15 a.m. Buttz & Gutz and 9:00 a.m. HIIT for 12 [Cardio Intense]
                                                5:30 p.m. Group Kick and 6:30 p.m. G30 Boot Camp
                        Wednesday:   8:10 a.m. Power Step and 9:00 a.m. Ironworks
                        Thursday:       5:30 p.m. Group Blast
                        Friday:             9:00 a.m. Group Power
                        Saturday:        8:00 a.m. Group Kick   

Favorite Quote: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable” in my classes! 

Featured February Class

Our Featured Class for February is Group Kick!

GROUP KICK® - KICK SOME…..This gripping hour burns a ton of calories and builds total body strength.  Tap into the hottest mixed martial arts movements done at a rapid-fire pace to smash your cardio fitness.  From the boxing ring to the fighting cage, Group Kick combines cutting-edge moves with thrilling music.  This electric experience is addictive!  BRING IT ON with Group Kick!  

We offer Group Kick on our schedule as follows:
                Monday @ 8:10 a.m. in Studio A with Heather
                Tuesday @ 5:30 p.m. in Studio A with Heather
                Saturday @ 8:00 a.m. in Studio A with Heather

Below are a few pictures of our members and instructors that participated in our January 2015 Group Kick Launch Party!  Thanks everyone for coming out and KICKING SOME…..with us!!  And another big thanks to our Kick instructors that helped me team teach from our Salina location – Mark, Will, Andrew and Kate!  What an awesome work out we all had together!!

Please make sure you check our February Group Fitness schedule for class changes!  You can print one off our website or pick one up at the front desk!  For more information on our Group Fitness program, please contact Heather Koehn at 620-245-0900.

Hoping everyone has a Happy and Healthy February!!  

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