Batman Finds Her Gordon

Thursday, November 5 2020 12:04 PM

Batman Finds Her Gordon

new fundraiser tied with an annual fitness challenge will help support Genesis Trainer and Fitness Manager, Amy Kuonovsky, as she battles Stage 4 Adrenal Cortical cancer.


If you’re wanting a feel-good story, there’s a cause you should know about and get involved in. At our East Lincoln location, a fundraiser that has reached a little over 10K and counting has been established to help Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer Amy Kounovsky and her family, as she battles Stage 4 Adrenal Cortical Cancer.

Always seen with a smile on her face, Amy’s friends and colleagues would describe her as strong-willed with a passion to help others improve their lives. Ben Welch, East Lincoln’s current Fitness Manager acting in Amy’s place, is not only a team member but also a close friend to Amy and her husband, describing Amy as an incredible person.

“She’s so giving and always positive. Even though she is going through a lot, she’s still trying to give back and carry on with life, putting her clients, staff, and family first.”

In July, heavy news came to the Kounovsky family as Amy was diagnosed with this rare type of Stage 4 cancer. The disease heartbreakingly is non-curable, operable, or transplantable.

Taking a step away from work to focus on her health, Ben Welch took over Amy’s position once she got sick. The pair of them have been close friends ever since 2012 and have been through all club acquisitions together - when Prarie Life Fitness became The Athletic Clubs and when The Athletic Clubs became Genesis Health Clubs.

When the news of Amy’s health came to Ben and the rest of the fitness team, an idea was struck to create a fundraiser for Amy and her family.

“Genesis has always done a Batman competition, where they have powerful team challenges anywhere from swimming and rowing to deadlift and bench press,” said Ben. “We thought, why not tie the fundraiser to the challenge and continue the giving going towards Amy and her family.”

Initially known as “The Batman Challenge,” this year the name changed to “The Batman/Gordon Challenge” for a special reason. During all eight years of working together, Ben was nicknamed “Gordon” by Amy, as he was considered to be her most-trusted ally at work. The nickname stuck as their friendship grew much like the one between superhero Batman and his closest confidant James Gordon, the Commissioner of Gotham City Police who continues to help and support Batman as he strives to make Gotham City a better place.

Ironically and in real life, Amy Kounovsky “our Batman”  needs help from her “Gordon’s”: Ben, the East Lincoln team, and all of Genesis Health Clubs.

Amazed by how the Batman Challenge has been transformed this year, Ben said that he is particularly proud of how the challenge has placed a better focus on team building for a greater cause.  

“It feels different in some ways. The challenge is helping us come together as a team, growing and developing trainers, and searching for great leaders all the while doing something good for someone else.”

The Batman/Gordon Challenge and fundraiser will continue until $15,000 has been raised. Barbara Munro, Amy’s mother, has stated that she’s amazed and sincerely appreciative of all the help and support; blown away by the generosity of people and the entire Genesis team.

 As Amy Kounovsky continues to fight the fight, we wish her - our East Lincoln “Batman” - all the luck in the world, and we will continue to support Ben and the entire Genesis team - the “Gordon’s” of this story - to successfully reach their goal.


Questions on how you can support the cause? Email Ben Welch at Read more about the challenge here.


Story written by Ellen Healy

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