Pilates Equipment Classes



The Reformer is a user-friendly apparatus that places the body in a non-weight bearing supine (on your back) position. It emphasizes the use of your core to pull your body’s weight on a spring-loaded carriage. This action automatically centers you, helping you to develop balance, coordination and body/space awareness as it strengthens and stretches your entire body.

Jump boards can be used on the Reformer for a cardio workout, but we require one year of Pilates experience before advancing to this level.


The Tower provides a base of support for balance and stability while helping you develop coordination, strength and flexibility. The Tower’s spring system allows for a greater range of motion than the reformer. This equipment enhances awareness of musculature imbalances and assists in developing an aligned and uniform body.


The Chair class increases flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. This fresh and fun work out re-energizes the Pilates group experience with personal training and intelligent exercise. It appeals to both men and women and can be modified or varied according to ability. It’s a great way to restore muscle balance, develop movement efficiency and build endurance!




Pilates Introduction 

(1 private session per client only)

Single $39.95 $39.95
Pilates Private Sessions Single
5 pack
10 pack
$75 (single only)

Pilates Duets

(2 - 3 people)

5 pack
10 pack
$45 / person
$200 / person
$350 / person
$50 / person (single only)

Group Pilates

(3 - 4 people)

5 pack
10 pack
$23 / person
$105 / person
$180 / person
$28 / person (single only)

10 - 20 - 30 Challenge

(30 private sessions)

  $1500 --

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