100 Count Kids Workout!

Wednesday, April 8 2020 10:10 PM
By Katlyn Hartford

Count to 100 while you move through each move! 

Moves interpreted by one of our own team member's 4 year old daughter! We'd love to see your child's interpretations of these moves in the comments below! Get your kids moving! 


1-10: Bunny Hops


11-20: March in place


21-30: Windmills


31-40: Jog in place


41-50: Arm Circles


51-60: Elbow pumps


61-70: Bounces


71-80: Skip in place


81-90: Toe Taps


91-100: High Claps


Yay! You did it! Great Job!


Ready for more workouts? 

There are so many at-home workouts for you to choose from, designed for all ages and skill levels!

At-Home Workouts

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