Butt Blast Cardio Workout

Tuesday, May 19 2020 3:43 PM

We've got a great booty workout for you. We recommend doing this 4 times a week on alternating days. As you progress, each step should go up every 5. The goal is to reach 100.



If you’re advanced, hold a 20-25 lb weight at your chest. Feet hip distance apart and squat squeezing your glutes when you stand. This can be done with just your body weight. Hold your arms across your chest. 30 reps



Keep upper body straight. If advanced, use a 15 lb weight. 3 sets at 10 reps



No weight required. If advanced, place a 10-15 lb weight at your hips. 30 reps each side, rest for 10-15 seconds between each side.



On bench, alternating legs. 30 reps



Lay on your side and raise and lower your top leg. For extra work, put a resistance band around your angles or knees, depending on the amount of resistance you want. 30 reps  each side, rest for 10-15 seconds between each side.


Finish with CARDIO:

It's beautiful outside, go for walk and ramp up your game with these extra moves.

  • Walking/standing lunges for 5 minutes
  • High Knees for 5 minutes either in place or while running. Rest for 15-30 seconds in between each minute
  • 5 minute brisk walk or walk/march in place
  • Finish with another 5 minutes of walking/standing lunges

For the advanced, increase your time to 10 minutes each, and up your intensity.


Ready for more workouts? 

There are so many at-home workouts for you to choose from, designed for all ages and skill levels!

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