Cardio Blast - Burn Calories Like Never Before!

Tuesday, April 13 2021 2:32 PM
By Katlyn Hartford

30 seconds per move, 15 second rest – 1 minute per combo move

1 minute rest per set


Set 1



Combo: 4 skaters – 1 burpee


Set 2

Squat Jump Bound – shuffle back

Cross Jacks

Combo: Sqaut Jump Bound Forward – Cross Jacks Back


Set 3

Butt Kickers

In and Out Jump Squats

Combo: 4 Butt Kickers - 2 In and Out Jump Squats


Set 4

Shuffle jump

Bulgarian Split Squats

Combo: Shuffle right - 2 Bulgarian Split Squats, Shuffle left - 2 Bulgarian Split Squats (repeat on either side)


Set 5

High knee

Squat Jump 180

Combo: 4 high knee – 2 Squat jump 180 (1 jump each side)


2 minute rest

Repeat: 2nd round cut your time in half



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