Dump Your Fitness Slump!

Thursday, June 11 2020 11:56 AM
By Genesis Genesis

We’ve all been there...

Sometimes we just don’t wanna! Sometimes you reach a fitness slump where you can’t get yourself to go to the gym because you have an excuse or a lack of motivation.

Genesis is here to help you fix your fitness slump, by answering to the following statements- statements we can all relate to because we’ve all said them one time or another.

 yoga pose

Answers to Fix Your Fitness Slump

Fitness Slump Statement: The last time I went to Genesis, purple legwarmers were in style!

Our Response: Wow – that was a long time ago! It sounds like you need some accountability. Might we suggest hooking up with one of our fantastic personal trainers who will not only reinvigorate your workout but will set a weekly workout date that you won’t want to miss.

zumba group fitness at Genesis Health ClubsFitness Slump Statement: The elliptical and I are besties…

Our Response: That’s wonderful, but you might want to take a small break and explore all that Genesis has to offer. Have you ever thought about taking a Zumba class? We promise you will smile at least once. Or what about joining Genesis Tennis, which has long been acknowledged as the leader in the development of tennis players. Genesis tennis is designed to measure your playing level and give you access to a variety of programs including beginner clinics, stroke clinics, league play, private instruction, junior tennis, and special events. Creasteady state cardio and treadmillte new favorites and new besties!

Fitness Slump Statement: I’ll never be able to run that marathon…

Our Response: Yes you will, but you might need to re-evaluate your short-term fitness goals. Maybe you can't run a marathon tomorrow, but what about six months from now? You can always work towards your goals in the future by putting in the work today and tomorrow.

Fitness Slump Statement: My legs are too sore to take the stairs, but I can’t miss my afternoon workout!

Our Response: It sounds like you are overtraining! Schedule at least two rest days per week for recovery. Your body will thank you and your fitness level won’t suffer.

listening to musicFitness Slump Statement: Ugh…just ugh.

Our Response: It sounds like you need some new music! Here’s the Tom Brady Workout playlist for starters… Then maybe a workout partner! Take a friend to Genesis and keep each other on track.



Fix the Slump!

Now you have no more excuses. Stay motivated and stay on the path to overall health and wellness. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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