More Ways to Relieve Anxiety During a Pandemic

Wednesday, April 1 2020 1:19 PM
By Ellen Healy

More Ways to Cope with COVID-19

woman stressed out

Yesterday, we talked about stress and six ways to help relieve yourself from some of the worry you might be having. We suggested you do the following:

  • Learn Something
  • Skype/Call a Loved One
  • Play a Game
  • Exercise at Home Using Genesis Go
  • Practice Self-Care
  • Listen to Soothing Tones and Music


Today, we give you five more ways to combat anxiety.


5 Ways to Relieve Your Stress During COVID-19


1. Reduce your Caffeine Intake 

having coffee with friendsBefore you grab yet another cup of coffee, remember that caffeine is a stimulant. High doses of any stimulant can increase anxiety. As the old saying goes, "too much of anything is a bad thing." Too much caffeine - chocolate, tea, energy drinks, coffee, etc. - can leave you feeling jittery and anxious. Especially when we’re all to self-quarantine, you may not be able to release built-up energy like you used to. So, just be mindful of how much caffeine you have so that you don’t further fuel the stress fire.



2. Write it Down

This solution has two parts. If you’re feeling stressed and need to vent, you should:

1. Write the stressor down

2. Write down what you’re grateful for

By writing it down, you put it all out there. When you read it back over, you may find yourself calming down, as you notice how small the issue is and realize what a lucky duck you truly are.

Here’s an example for you: My dog once chewed up my $500 retainer.cute siberian husky

Although my first response was to make him wear it as punishment, I instead wrote the stress down through a text to the fam.


As soon as I read it back over, I giggled. Sure, I was out some pretty cash for this crappy incident, but aren’t I lucky to have a doggo companion? Wasn't it nice to have had braces at all? (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Next time you feel like lashing out, put the words on paper and use the pen as your weapon. Write down the stress, realize the blessings. 


3. Stop Procrastinating and Make a Plan

make a to-do listMany times in life stress comes to us and it’s out of our control. Although this is often the case, it isn’t always. Let’s be honest here... Sometimes we’re the culprit in adding more stress to our lives because we didn’t make a plan and we weren’t prepared. Oops.

With social distancing comes a whole lot of time. Take this time to get it all done. Have you been stressed about the refrigerator making funny noises? Are you worried it might break over time? Pull up YouTube and figure it out! Have you been meaning to call a loved one, but haven’t? Are you feeling anxious about how long it’s been? Pick up the phone and call that person. Procrastination leads to scrambling, where you’re only reacting and not enjoying. This constant put-it-off mentality leads to poor sleep and other health concerns. Work on the things you can do today and tomorrow. Make a list and prioritize.


4. Deep Clean

With all that’s going on with Coronavirus, now is the perfect time to deep clean the house, car, fridge, whatever! Nobody really likes to clean... Well, except for maybe that bald guy in a white shirt with a pirate earring. What’s his name? Mr. Shine?

Mr. Clean!

Deep cleaning can help alleviate your stress as it brings a sense of accomplishment and makes you feel less cluttered.


5. Take a Genesis Go Yoga Class – Practice Mindfulness and Deep Breathing

Want serious stress relief and a great workout? Practice Yoga - exercise designed for all ages and skill levels. In Yoga, you practice mindfulness and deep breathing. Placing a focus on taking deep steady breaths, all the while being mindful to stay in the present moment can help combat anxiety and your negative thinking.

Although Genesis Health Clubs is temporarily closed (BOO!), the gym at home is open and ready for you! Take a class from our Genesis Go page. Here are just a few classes to help you relax:

Yoga Flow
Gentle Yoga
Chair Yoga



With today’s stress relievers and yesterday’s anxiety fighters, we hope you can find some kind of serenity out there, despite all the Corona craziness. Although we're apart, we're together in spirit! Stay healthy and stay safe, Genesis Fam. We can’t wait to have you back.





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