Saw Mill Club
77 Kensico Dr Mt Kisco NY 10549
Today's Hours: 5:30 am - 10:30 pm

Personal Training

Our focus is on you. The individual you. The you like no one else.

We'll help you achieve all your fitness and wellness goals quickly and efficiently. Our trainers possess the passion, skills, and knowledge to help you create life change. Their education, energy, and talent will revolutionize your workouts into exercise experiences that are focused and fun but, most importantly, extremely effective.

Exercise smarter and better under the guidance of a Saw Mill Club personal trainer!

Specialty Fitness Programs

Welcome to the world of creative fitness, where exercise and fun merge to change the way we train. We're here to inspire your best workouts and make sure you have a great time.


30-minute flexibility sessions.

Get comfortable on a stretch table and let the experts do the work. Flexibility can help you avoid injuries, perform better in sports, or just help you on a day-to-day basis. If you haven't had an assisted stretch before, prepare yourself for a great time!


High-intensity multi-station 55-minute fitness contest (under supervision).

This program is a high-intensity fitness challenge, where you'll be supervised by a SMC or SMCE Personal Trainer. If you successfully complete the Gladiator Challenge in 55 minutes, you'll received the coveted long-sleeved Gladiator workout shirt for free.

Ask a personal trainer or the fitness desk for a description of the Gladiator Challenge and rules - then start training for the challenge!

How much does it cost?

Your first attempt is free! ($32 for each additional attempt)

How can I get help preparing for the challenge?

Ask a personal trainer about the special Gladiator Challenge 10-pack personal training special. It's designed to get you ready for the challenge! When you're ready, step into the arena, conquer the challenge, and become an SMC Gladiator!

Youth Fit

Designed for 12-13 year olds.

This program was created to educate your child on the benefits of exercise. It allows your child to use the fitness center unattended. These sessions improve their self-esteem and sport-specific performance, while helping them build an overall healthy lifestyle.

Resolution Solution

Annual 4-week New Year's fitness challenge.

Here's how it works:

Check-in at the front desk when you come to the club to get credit for your visit. You must visit at least twice a week for four weeks to win a FREE long-sleeve "Resolution Solution" t-shirt as a gift for successfully completing your New Year's resolution!

Keep your New Year's resolution and change your life through fitness!


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