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Atlantis Preparatory School Curriculum

The most important aspect of early learning is to prepare children for future success and achievement in school and life. Understanding and applying the foundations of math, reading, and language arts are perhaps our most important elements in achieving this future success.

The curriculum includes enrichment activities where children venture outside their classroom to visit specialized instruction in Music, Spanish, & Wellness. Select classes also include technology, yoga, art, gym, and sports-specific instruction.

Prep Toddlers

Must be 18 months by October 1. Children do not have to be potty trained.

First Steps students will have fun, age-appropriate activities that will start them on their first steps towards learning! Social and emotional support is given with our nurturing staff as our students begin their school experience. Language development, fine motor skills, and cognitive skills are all reinforced through exciting weekly themes.

The weekly schedule may include special classes in Music, Spanish, and Gym.


Must be 2 years or older by October 1. Children do not have to be potty trained.

School is a fun, exciting place with our theme-based curriculum for our Starters. Lesson plans will use games, songs, reading, and art to continue their growth in language development, cognitive skills, and motor skills. Playground time and gross motor activities round out their curriculum.

Weekly specials may include Music, Spanish, and Gym.

Starter Plus

Must be 2.5 years or older by October 1.

In this full-day class, children will learn and engage through games, songs, reading, and art projects while continuing student growth in language development, cognitive skills, and motor skills. A solid foundation is built for those children recommended for our Preschool Plus program.

Weekly specials may include Music, Spanish, Gym, Art, Yoga, and Technology.

Junior Learners

Must be 3 years old by October 1.

Inviting classrooms and enthusiastic teachers help make the Junior Learner experience come alive. A comprehensive theme-based curriculum that covers language arts, cognitive skills, motor skills, and social/emotional skills helps set the foundation of pre-reading and pre-math. Children learn outside their classroom in their weekly specials of Music, Spanish, and Gym.

Enrichment and full-day classes may receive Art, Yoga, and Technology pending schedule.

Preschool Plus

Children age 3.5 by October 1 must have completed a Starters program at Atlantis Prep to qualify for the Preschool Plus Program, which is a 5 half-day or 5 full-day program.

Atlantis Prep’s Preschool Plus Program is geared towards the 3 1/2 to 4-year-old pre-schooler.  This five half or full-day program is a continuation of our Junior Learners curriculum that focuses on more advanced units, concentrated letters, and increased number work.

Spanish, Music, Technology, Gym, Yoga, and Art are all included in the day.

Junior Kindergarten

Must be 4 years old by October 1.

The focus is on fun and self-esteem as Junior Kindergarteners dive into a theme-based curriculum that is focused on Kindergarten readiness. Hands-on activities help encourage writing skills. Sorting and grouping games make math activities exciting. Science and indoor/outdoor playground environments develop their social and emotional skills.

Children learn outside the classroom in their weekly specials, which may include Music, Spanish, Gym, Art, Yoga, and Technology pending schedule. 

Kindergarten Prep

The unique Midstream program for 4.5 - 5-year-olds stresses social skills while encouraging children to have fun exploring their academic environment.

The Atlantis Preparatory School designed the Kindergarten Prep Program to give children an extra year to grow and develop before entering Kindergarten. In recent years, early childhood educators have begun to focus on a child's cognitive and social development, rather than age.

Students are given the “gift of time” as they continue to be challenged in a program developed for their specific age group. Through play, structured activities, and individual guidance, each child develops self-esteem as well as social, cognitive, and physical skills in a caring and supportive environment.

Specials include Music, Spanish, Gym, Art, Yoga, and Technology.

Who is a candidate for the Kindergarten Prep Program?

The children who enroll in the Kindergarten Prep class are typically students, ages 4.5 - 5 years old, with birthdays between May and December, or those who may miss the Kindergarten cut-off date.

Kindergarten Prep allows a “younger" five-year-old child an extra year of practice to gain more self-confidence and self-esteem, placing them in a position to enter Kindergarten with well-developed academic skills, social skills, and leadership abilities.

How is the Kindergarten Prep Program different?

Our integrated curriculum allows students to gain new experiences while tapping into their prior knowledge, adding to the children’s educational foundation. The Kindergarten Prep year will provide an exposure to Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies with differentiated and age-appropriate instruction. Our small class size enables our teaching staff to personalize the instruction and tap into all of the students' learning styles. We also offer both Half-Day and Full-Day programs.

The children will also take part in special area classes such as Spanish, Technology, Art Appreciation, Humanities, Yoga, and Physical Education. Full-day students also incorporate "Sports Cycle" into their schedule, which includes Aquatics, Tennis, and Sport-Specific Physical Education.

How do I know if the Kindergarten Prep Program is right for my child?

When deciding whether to give your child an additional year of schooling, try not to think about it as 'holding them back', but instead as an investment in their long-term academic goals. Our principal goal at Atlantis Preparatory School is to educate the whole child and enable students to gain additional self-esteem and move on to the next level as well-prepared, confident learners.

Early childhood education can often dictate how a child performs all the way through high school. By the conclusion of the Kindergarten Prep year, the students will be prepared for success in Kindergarten.

What is 'readiness'?

A child who listens

  • To directions without interrupting
  • To stories and poems for five to ten minutes without restlessness

A child who hears

  • Words that rhyme
  • Words that begin with the same sound or different sounds

A child who sees

  • Likenesses and differences in pictures and designs
  • Letters and words that match

A child who understands

  • The relationship inherent in such words as up and downtop and bottomover and underlittle and big
  • The classification of words that represent people, places, and things

A child who thinks and can

  • Give the main idea of a story
  • Give unique ideas and important details
  • Give reasons for his/her opinions

A child who adjusts

  • To changes in routine and to new situations without becoming fearful
  • To opposition or defeat without crying or sulking
  • To the necessity of asking for help when needed

A child who obeys

  • Classroom rules as established by the teacher
  • Safety rules on the playground and school bus
  • Fire drill rules quickly and quietly

A child who plays

  • Cooperatively with other children
  • Shares, takes turns, and assumes his share of group responsibility
  • And can run, jump, skip, and bounce a ball with comparative dexterity

A child who works

  • Without being easily distracted
  • And follows directions
  • And completes each task
  • And takes pride in his/her work

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