Personal Training Internships


Being an Intern at Genesis Health Clubs

Genesis Health Clubs is proud to offer one of the most unique and educationally rewarding internship programs for students involved in health science departments. At Genesis, you will be involved with the most intense educational program for health professionals. Along with a consultant, Genesis has provided personal trainers with a wide variety of educational topics on an ongoing basis. As an intern at Genesis, you will not only have the opportunity to work in a highly successful health club operation but be involved with the same educational programs that our certified personal trainers are currently undergoing.




Do you want to build a career in the health and fitness industry? Here's your chance. Genesis is a leader in health and fitness. Our multi-club operation is rapidly growing, creating some great opportunities for a few results-orientated motivated people.

If you want to take your creativity and knowledge and blend it with the dynamic fitness world, this is the opportunity for you.

Opportunities abound for Genesis to remain in the vanguard of our industry. Our strategic direction has always offered the highest quality and most versatile products and services available in the industry.

  * Work with some of the top-ranked trainers and instructors in the nation.
  * Receive on-the-job training and enhance your formal education.


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