Program Directors



Responsibilities of the Intern:

•    Weight room audit and restore to an orderly state (daily)
•    Cardiovascular equipment audit and submission of equipment log (weekly)
•    Trainer observation (weekly)
o    Each week the intern will pick a trainer to observe
o    The intern will record observations made during the allotted time period utilizing the Observation Matrix
•    Case studies (3)
o    The PT Coordinator will pick three members the intern will take through the Genesis PT experience
           New Member Comp Session
           RBT1 – nutrition consultation
           Series of PT Sessions (unpaid)
o    At the completion of the sessions, the member will complete an “exit survey” evaluating the experience with the intern.
o    The PT Coordinator will review all records kept during the experience and coach as necessary.
•    Confirmation and prospecting calls
•    Watch the biomechanics video series on the intranet provided by Dr. Mark Slavin and attend coinciding seminars.
•    Attend weekly Workshop Wednesday webinars
•    Attend seminars provided by outside speakers (if provided during internship)
•    Complete National Academy of Fitness and Sports Nutrition Certification  

Responsibilities of the PT Coordinator:

•    Train the intern on New Member PT Experience
•    Teach / Train the 4 values of the PT Department
o    Professionalism: appearance and presentation
o    Quality: program design and execution
o    Service: customer service standards and practices
o    Performance: successful business practices
•    Submit all documentation to Kathy Burns-Hoffman for review

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